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Grande Strategy

Taking Stock of our Mission

By the Grace of Allah, it has been about 3 years since we started our work at GrandeStrategy and perhaps it is now time to take stock of what has been achieved thus far and what can be achieved in the future. A list of what we have done by the Grace of Allah:

1. Over 500 news and analysis pieces posted.
2. Built political and economic models for an Islamic state today
3. Military analysis pieces including popularly on the JF-17, J-10 and more recently the PAK FA
4. Scholarship program started for Muslim students and military officers.
5. Program to send fire trucks to Pakistan (unsuccessful, but we tried).
6. Built bridges with a variety of organizations including prominently WhyNotNews
7. Placed Google Ads to promote specific objectives and ideas.
8. One of our members - Rajab Vaughan- has moved to Algeria to start a sustainable community/village using a combination of new / timeless technologies. He is currently facing difficulties including from Algerian security authorities. Have not heard from him for sometime, let us pray that he is okay and that Allah guides him.

In terms of statistics, we get about 500 hits per day at present. We have about 43 subscribers. We have touched about 200,000 people. Assuming we influenced 1% of that, our message has reached about 2,000 individuals globally.

Our ability to succeed from here on will depend on whether we can attract Muslims with the talent, education, skill and most important of all, the will and motivation to do something constructive. Thus far we have had Muslims that complain about there circumstances and want to help do something productive, but either the motivation is not there, or that they are lethargic or perhaps that GrandeStrategy is not doing a good job of organizing and channeling their talents, or perhaps a combination of all three problems.

If we set a target of doubling our hits per day in 1 year, we would need to have approximately twice the number of articles. The most important driver of traffic is to create original and effective content and this takes either dedicated membership (knock knock to our sleeping members) or costs money. Given our financial resources, this means our success depends critically on getting productive members on board and making it as easy as possible for them to contribute.

In terms of what our future plans are, let us consider some short-term goals for ourselves:

1. Continue our Geo-strategic analysis on all four fronts - Political, Economic, Theological and Military. There are very few if any organizations that are doing what we are doing and this appears to be our niche.
2.  Publish "21st Century Islamic State"
The next steps to this include 1) buy ISBN # ($300 approx.) 2) Print & Publish ($600). Target should be achieved within 4 months.
3. Build bridges with other organizations
4. Write articles and reviews about other prominent and authentic Muslim/anti-war/etc organizations and movements.
5. Conduct a Google Ads campaign targeting Pakistan for specific political purposes. Funding available for campaign - $100
6. Spread the message of Islam in the West. This will include the above mentioned Google Ads campaign as well as direct mail distributions targeted at specific zip codes. No funding currently available but Insh'Allah will   find some funding.
7. Counter propaganda with posting alternative news sources.
8. Build a YouTube channel and a semi-professional studio, with the program using the intellectual material we have gathered so far as the basis.Cost of setup - $200. Funding not currently available.
9. Produce specific micro independent news items on the America that people do not see on TV: massive poverty and third-world style tent housings, semi-literate populations, dissent and rebellion from states, militias, Red Indians, massive discontent amongst Spanish migrant population that are now getting violent, fundamentalist Christian movements, etc. Need a minimum of $1,000 per documentary, funding currently not available, and unlikely to be available anytime soon.

Longer term goals would include:
1. Build a headquarters and offices in a neutral country such as Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil, Bolivia, Sweden
2. Market our ideas and recruit globally, establishing national offices

The publishing of the book is important and will remain a non-profit activity. Any revenues earned will either cover costs or go completely to marketing. With this process, we would be able to propagate alternative ideas to our relevant target audience and at the same time, not feel like we are doing this to gain some worldly benefit.

Our present model of financing our activities from our own pockets appears appropriate in ensuring credibility and Independence, however, necessitates us in being a small operation. Let us see how far we can make this model work, insh'Allah. Who knows what Allah has in store for us? May He bless our efforts and be happy with us on the Day of Judgment.

We are starting a page to act as a work plan for our efforts and to keep us in track over the years.

Please pray for Rajab Vaughan, our member who as earlier noted we have not heard back from and the last we did, he was having trouble with Algerian authorities. Please also remember Tyler Westbrook (aka Abu Justice), our member who has gone to Haiti to help with earthquake relief operations. If you have the time, please remember the rest of us as well :)

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