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Jewish Rabbi Proves that Muhammad is a Prophet

*** Muhammad in The Bible Rabbis Who Acknowledging The Fact and..P1/2!/video/video.php?v=305090749576

*** Muhammad in The Bible Rabbis Who Acknowledging The Fact and..P2/2!/video/video.php?v=305248124576

*** Jewish Rabbi Proofs That Muhammad is a Prophet!/video/video.php?v=242424304576

*** The Promise (05) Spirits of Truth!/video/video.php?v=188413279576

Listen to this Jewish Rabbi who agrees with Islam. He confirms and
admits that Islam is the oldest religion on earth. This is true, one
just has to realize that Islam pre-dates Prophet Muhammad (p) who was
simply the final Prophet in the long line of Prophets (p).

See also how ancient Hebrew speaking Jews as well as Christians used
to pray. Notice how Islam is calling us back to the true monotheist
worship, faith and path of Abraham and all the Prophets. The Rabbi
even admits that Islam's roots trace back to the first man, Adam
(peace be upon all the Prophets).

May Allah (G-d, YHWH) be praised.


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