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Please Donate to the Islamic Relief fund for Haiti

Please donate to Haiti, may Allah have mercy upon all of us, and may He bless those people suffering in Haiti.

Haiti Earthquake Appeal
Haiti Earthquake Appeal

A massive earthquake has struck the Caribbean island of Haiti. Thousands are feared dead with many more seriously injured.
Islamic Relief has launched an appeal for £1 million to respond to the disaster.
The epicentre of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake was just 16 kilometres from the capital Port-au-Prince. Much of the city is made up of slums and poorly constructed houses that would not be able to withstand an earthquake.
The scale of the disaster is not yet known as all communication lines are currently down. But there are reports that homes, government buildings and hotels have collapsed, with people still being dug out of the rubble.
The earthquake struck at 5pm local time on Tuesday 12th January 2010 and many people have spent the night on the streets. Several strong aftershocks caused further chaos and panic.
Hospitals are struggling to cope with the large numbers of injured people and there is an urgent need for emergency medical care, food, clean water and shelter.
Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, and struggles from endemic poverty, food shortages and violence. It has suffered from many recent natural disasters including serious hurricanes and storms in 2008.
Please donate and help us to respond to this disaster.
Photo Courtesy of REUTERS( A man calls for help while being trapped at the Port-au-Prince University, after a major earthquake struck, in Port-au- Prince in this January 13, 2010 video grab. A major earthquake rocked Haiti, killing possibly thousands of people as it toppled the presidential palace and hillside shanties alike and leaving the poor Caribbean nation appealing for international help. REUTERS/Reuters TV

Please click here to donate today. Your donation can save lives.

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Anonymous said...

wow such a rush from islamic nations for haiti relief. the number is ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!! idf has already set up a hospital and is treating several wounded daily. islam could care less about the infedel deaths.

Anonymous said...

Above poster may want to look at Islamic Relief and other organizations like ISNA before making claims. IDF is a military organization, IR is an aid organization. IDF is incriminated by war crimes, mass murder, rape, torture, ethnic cleansing and more.

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