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Muslim Or New York Cabbie Or Fort Hood Murderer

By Meinhaj Hussain

When a Muslim is found to do anything wrong, the news read "Muslim" or "Terrorist" but when a Muslim is found to do something right good, it is barely mentioned that he is a Muslim. Muslim cab driver returning thousands of dollars and jewelry in an act clearly inspired by his religion, but the news items read "New York Cabbie" and some mentioned a "christmas miracle". Yet, the fact that the cab driver was Muslim, and Islam brings out such acts of goodness and honesty is completely sidelined. This is an illustration of the injustice and hypocrisy of the western media that had no hesitation connecting the dots when the Fort Hood massacre took place, yet refuses the same connection when Islam and something good and positive requires the same connection.

It is a well known concept amongst Islamic jurists that Allah (God) favors the people that are just, whether they are Muslim or otherwise. The fact that the West has become unjust in so many of its ways that has previously been examples to the world of justice perhaps signals the turning point and power shift greater than any economic, political or military indication.
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