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Many Muslims Died in Haiti, But All Four Masajid and One Musallah Are Intact

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By IRFAN KHURSHID, Executive Director ICNA Relief Canada
I GOT to Haiti on yesterday (this report was written on January
20-editor). We have stationed at the border of Haiti in Dominican
Republic; as the security situation within Haiti is not good. To get
into Haiti, embassy security escorts you in, for the safety of the
organizations. Doctors and volunteers commute everyday into Haiti and
return by night.
Immediate need is of food and water. We have distributed food packages
to the affected victims of the quake. Relief items like water, canned
fish, canned beans, powder milk, baby milk, juice and toilet paper
were distributed. All this was done with the help of the local Islamic
center here.
Also, we are coordinating with the local community of doctors to set
up a medical base camp. Once set up, a team of doctors awaiting our
response can join us in this effort. We are in the process of
purchasing a vehicle that will serve as a mobile clinic for us to
commute in and out of Haiti everyday to Port-au-Prince.
Many Muslims have died in this ordeal, but there are no statistics
reported on that yet. Alhamdulillah, there are four Masajids and one
musallah where people pray and by the grace of Allah, all four
Masajids are safe and standing.
People here are in great suffering. Everyone is on the streets. People
are hungry; children and families without food or water. A lot of help
is needed. We should all do our part. Please continue donating, as
this earthquake will require a lot of effort from everyone to get the
Haitians lives back to where they were.
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