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Imran Khan's New Year Message

''Sixty two years after independence, as we enter a new year, the majority of our people continue to suffer from extreme poverty, illiteracy and disease. The ruling elite continues to stifle the masses by adopting policies designed to protect the rich and exploit the poor. Never in our history has been the condition of the majority poor so miserable and intense. As the PPP government continues to raise the price of food, gas, petrol, and electricity while refusing to tax the rich and make quality education and health unaffordable for the common man, the life of the poor in our country will remain unbearable. Corruption and poor governance continues to deprive the 80 percent majority of this country whose income remains less then $ 2 per day of vital economic resources needed for their healthcare and education.

The people must realize that our ruling elite would continue to exploit them unless they rise above party loyalties and destroy the myth of rigid vote banks. I would also like to reaffirm PTI's commitment to continue to speak out for the deprived majority of this country.

I therefore call upon all Pakistanis and especially my party members to dedicate 2010 as the YEAR OF FIGHTING POVERTY .I call upon all workers and office bearers of PTI to hold meetings, rallies and demonstrations against inflation, unemployment and the VIP culture all over the country to highlight the plight of the poor. All members of PTI must dedicate a portion of their lives and income to helping the poor wherever and whenever they can. The PTI will continue to fight for the poor of the country and strive to bring about a meaningful change in their lives by working for a just and equitable society with opportunity for all.''  --Imran Khan, Chairman PTI

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In the december newsletter you will read:

Imran Khan offers to mediate to restore peace in Country.
-- PTI Chairman Imran Khan has offered to mediate to bring peace in the country. He expressed his optimism that given the mandate by the government he was willing to travel to the tribal areas and elsewhere to negotiate peace which would be under the ambit of the 1973 Constitution.

NRO verdict by Supreme court Historical; PTI urges govt. for its implementation
--The month of December 2009 turned out to be a historic one, as Supreme court 17 member full bench presided by Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry declared NRO null and void. Chairman Imran Khan termed it as a landmark decision in the history of the country and congratulated all who had struggled for an independent judiciary whose fruits we are reaping today.

Memberhsip campaigns move to Bahawalpur, Gujranwala
--Membership campaigns of PTI have started in district Bahawalpur (17th December 09) and Gujranwala (17th December 09) with a very good response in both districts.

Operation HOPE launched on
--Operation Hope was started by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Middle East Coordinator Muhammad Nadeem with help of overseas members on 14th of Aug 2009. Operation HOPE has been such a success that within a short span of 4 months or so, this project has been officially recognised by the Central Executive Committee of PTI. Well done to ALL who have worked so hard in putting the posters up and to those who have donated funds to materialise the project, especially Mr Nadeem.

We would request you all to step forward and help us generate funds required for timely running of the Operation Hope. Your donations, be it a penny or a pound, will help us run a campaign to win the next election so that we could bring in a revolutionary change that we all dreamed for. 
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