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21st Century Islamic State - Importance of Pakistan

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The reader may have been wondering about the frequent reference to Pakistan. This chapter insh’Allah explains this peculiarity in greater detail.

The establishment of “The” Khilafah and the establishment of an Islamic State are not necessarily one and the same. Muslim states were justice reigned, and that were capable of defending themselves against non-Muslim powers have existed before, perhaps famously for instance, during Salahdin's reign. It is not contingent upon even believing in the Mahdi prophecies to want to work towards an Islamic state. There are Muslims who discount the validity of the Mahdi prophecies and their interpretation. However, they may still agree on the importance of founding an Islamic state. What is important is that there is convergence, rather than divergence.

For those of us who believe in the Mahdi prophecies
, there is a wide spectrum of views as to:

1)Which hadith can be considered relevant; and
2)How they can be interpreted.

These range from the fantastic to the cautious, from those that attempt to find supporting evidence to ones that would have you rely on the theorist's reputation. Among the many theories and interpretations is the belief that the Mahdi will be part of an army that will come from the direction of Khurasan
, which will retake Iraq and march all the way to Palestine. Great turmoil will arise in Arabia and call for a Khilafah. While on pilgrimage to the Kaaba, the Mahdi (as of yet undeclared) will be approached by a group of people attempting to convince him that he, in fact, is the prophesied Mahdi. That he will not be convinced of it but will eventually be convinced.

The relevant hadith are there for anyone to read and interpret. A quick internet search will bring up a myriad of them.

It is my contention that, whatever the different theories are, the army that will march from the direction of Khurasan to Iraq and Palestine (and from which the Khilafah will emerge) has some connection to Pakistan. This is because any student of military affairs knows that a military force that has to take and hold territory, in other words, fight conventionally, as opposed to by hit-and-run forays, and one that has to do so against a modern (Western) force, would need to have, at the bare minimum, the basic wherewithal of doing so. Wars are fought today as much by logistics, military production and technology as strategy and tactics.

The Uthman Empire lost World War I not because of a lack of men and will, but because of a lack in these aforementioned elements. When Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Syria attacked Israel in the Yom Kippur War, Americans aided Israel by sending not their greatest generals, or foot soldiers, but a massive airlift of military supplies of the finest quality available. The Arabs on the other hand, were dependent on the Soviets, who were controlled to a great extent by the Ashkenazim, and were unable to secure sufficient quality or quantity of weaponry to defeat Israel.

Today, the Arab world’s military arsenal mostly comes from foreign non-Muslim sources. As long as we do not have the industrial capacity, the technology, and the invested effort to build our own military-industrial capability, militarily, zero plus zero, will continue to equal zero.[1]

For the first time since the collapse of the Uthman Empire we are at a point where this is remotely possible. Let us consider the following.When did Islam start falling behind the West militarily? Amongst other things, this started with the advent of industrialization, which enabled production of weapons at a dramatically greater scale and quality than was previously possible. As a result, technologies coupled with enmasse production enabled Western armies to overwhelm Muslim ones.

The last "Muslim" power that could match the West conventionally was the Uthman Empire. After it fell, no Muslim country has been able to build or produce weapons that can match Western armaments. Iran today is somewhat of an exception, as they received massive technologies during the Shah's era, but has not been able to progress substantively further since. That is, their weapons are built on technology dating (broadly) to the 1960s-1970s and does not hold up to 21st century standards.

So, unless we can find a Muslim country that has the industrial capability to withstand the West, our position in the world will remain undermined. Even if we succeed in creating a Muslim state, it will be overwhelmed and destroyed based on one pretext or another, or like Cuba
, become an isolated island with little impact on the world.

To reiterate, there so far appears to have been no Muslim country that is able to produce its own weapons such as tanks, aircraft, ships, etc to remotely rival Western weapons. Industrialization in Muslim countries has been sub-par across the board.

Two countries in the Muslim world have emerged that have built a viable military-industrial complex – Turkey and Pakistan. Turkey, however, has forsaken Islam since Ataturk, and is unlikely to return to our foldin a broad political and pragmatic sense as well as from the prophecy of Istanbul being liberated by the Mahdi's men. Yes, Erdogan and the AK Party have achieved much but in comparison to Pakistan are significantly behind in having the political will to go for an Islamic state.

Remarkably, Pakistan, without the benefits of long-term political stability, oil and petro-dollars or a clear plan to speak of, has somehow, almost miraculously achieved this feat of building a viable military-industrial complex. Today, it can build everything from nuclear warheads to combat aircraft to tanks to cruise missiles, as well as a whole host of other items. These are not crude weapons that are "monkey versions" of other weapons, as is sometimes the case with Iran. Pakistani nuclear weapons
 are significantly sophisticated and built on research and investment in-country. The country's Heavy Industries Taxila can build tanks that incorporate local technologies derived originally from France, Ukraine and China. Pakistan has recently opened a production facility manufacturing combat aircraft that rival US F-16s. The country is one of five powers in the world that produces its own cruise missiles. It is in the process of launching communication satellites that would enable true net-centric warfare. It has ballistic missiles with a CEP (Circular Error Probability) of less than 50m.

Beyond weapons, tactics and training play a key role. Pakistan has one of the world's best trained air forces. While Arab air forces were devastated by Israel, small numbers of Pakistani pilots have held a 4-0 score against Israel on deputation to Jordan, Iraq and Syria; Pakistani pilots shot down four Israeli aircraft without losing a single pilot to date to Israel. This is against the backdrop of Arab pilots being resoundingly thrashed by their Israeli counterparts. Here is an excerpt of how a senior USAF commander valued Pakistani pilots (from a US Commander during Gulf War I):

On one or two occasions, I had the opportunity to talk with Pakistani instructor pilots, who had served in Iraq. These discussions, didn’t give me great cause to worry. The Russian domination of training prevented the Pakistanis from having any real influence on the Iraqi aircrew training program.

Still, there had to be a few Iraqi pilots, who had observed and listened to their mentors from France and Pakistan and not the useless guidance of their inept leaders. It was those few, I was concerned about - the ones with great situational awareness and good eyesight, who had figured out how to effectively use their aircraft and its weapons to defend their nation.”

(General Chuck Horner (retired). General Horner commanded the US and Allied air assets during Desert shield and desert storm, and was responsible for the design and execution of one of the most devastating air campaigns in history. He also served as Commander 9th Air Force, Commander US Central Command Air Forces, and Commander in Chief, SpaceCom. Book: Every Man A Tiger).

In fact, when on training in the United States, PAF pilots have been assessed to be a notch above their Israeli counterparts by their USAF IPs (instructor pilots) while on training in the United States. Israeli pilots are popularly considered "the best in the world". This author believes that, unlike Arab armies, Pakistani armed forces, along with the military-industrial complex and the incredibly well-trained air force can actually match Western military might conventionally. The significance of this can be better appreciated if we consider that this has not happened since Uthman times. This progression is truly miraculous. Anyone with insight into Pakistan's political history will know that the country has had little long-term planning and resource allocation. Furthermore, Pakistan is an impoverished country, which has far fewer resources than many other Muslim countries. Yet, incredibly enough, it has come to be.

Thus, coincidentally, the only plausible Islamic state capable of viable opposition to the West has risen in the neighborhood of what can broadly be described as Khurasan.

We already see Allah's blessing upon Pakistan, at least until her 2001 u-turn. Despite its tumultuous history, marked by political conflict and corruption on level with the rest of the Muslim world, Pakistan today has the finest army and is at the forefront of nuclear and military manufacturing. Surely there is a miracle in the fact that a country perpetually on the verge of bankruptcy and without serious long-term planning has managed to do what far more resource-rich Muslim countries have failed. Clearly there is the hand of Allah in this. And in this is perhaps a sign, but Allah knows best.

For now, it suffices that we arrive at the conclusion that we need to establish an Islamic Movement / State, and that the best location for this is Pakistan, or inclusive of Pakistan. Yet, now we encounter a minefield of problems in our immediate era:

1. By and large, the people who rule Pakistan pay lip service to Islam while serving Western interests.
2. Nobody can agree on what an Islamic state should be.
3. The average Pakistani Muslim's faith is weak and understanding of Islam is second-hand.

People who rule Pakistan pay lip service to Islam:

While in their hearts they doubt in putting their well-being in the hands of Allah. Instead, they profess a policy were they are actively supporting the United States, acting as the key logistics line, intelligence support and conducting joint military operations. If ever the blessing of Allah is lifted from them, it may be because of this transgression. In essence, they are putting their faith in the United States over and against what is clearly written in the Quran and commanded by Allah. In public they will raise the slogan of Islam, to satisfy the masses. However, this is far from their position. Islam is a tool for them to energize the masses when needed (as against India), or a sedative as to show that there are no other options. They are hypocrites and disbelievers, no better than any of the governments in the Middle East. So much potential lost in the tragedy they represent.

We cannot agree on what an Islamic state should be:

This represents our intellectual weakness, a mental handicap. To even begin to discuss an Islamic state, we need men of learning, not only of the affairs of today's world, but a deep understanding of Islam. The difficulty is in finding such men and creating a consensus.

However, we can perhaps find a way around this. It may be that we can define how we can get to a consensus of what an Islamic state should be. We can find true Muslims who meet a high standard of learning and ability, create a council from amongst them, and have them define what an Islamic state should look like. Below is this author’s list of what standards such Momins would need to meet:

1. Extensive knowledge of Islam, the Quran and Sunnah;
2) Strong and real Imaan - faith in Allah and not just scholarly knowledge of Islam;
3) Profound understanding of Economics, Industry and Technology;
4) Active life experience of living and struggling with life; and
5) Tasawuf

All five points are vital. For each decision-maker has to have an internal balance of judgment. One may wonder about the fourth point. It is important because we will need the common sense that is only instilled when a man faces the real struggle of living. Wisdom that comes from meeting life’s trials and tribulations head-on.

Rather than men living in ivory towers, we need men who have this well grounded common sense. We can only remember with embarrassment too often how our religious scholars lose touch with reality.

Perhaps one place to look would be among Western converts to Islam. These are people who had the strength of mind, the faith, and the blessing of Allah to find Islam among all the misinformation and propaganda
 against Islam. Most such men and women go on to study Islam in such great depth that they make many of us born into the faith embarrassed at the lack of our knowledge. Their Imaan show in their faces; the noor in their faces is testament to their belief and of their tasawuf. Many such men often have prior experience and expertise in modern worldly knowledge.

If we can create such a council of men then we can reach out to the many political questions that vex us, like whether there would be elections, what aspects of Islam will be enforced by the state and what aspects left to the individual to choose to enforce and whether Ijtehad should be opened since it was closed when Islam was fighting the Mongol hordes. The million other questions that vex us can be raised. Just as the founders of the United States, a group of the greatest men among them established a superior state, we can look to such men to create excellence in their example of an Islamic state.

Yet, before we can build any council, we must understand that Pakistan has to be won over. We cannot strut into Pakistan tomorrow and inform them that we are creating an Islamic state. It has to be an initiative originating from Pakistan and Pakistanis, the most we can do is attempt to convince them. This has to come not only from the Pakistani public, but more vitally, from within the Pakistani ruling elite. Ideally, such a group of renegades and reverts would need to be from the Pakistani military as that is the institution that de facto runs Pakistan. Only the Pakistan Army can effect such a change, peacefully and without destroying the state.

The Pakistan Army can broadly be seen to be split between two groups of people. People who are inclined to stop cooperating with the Americans and go towards an Islamic state, and people who are secular in their outlook and, essentially weak in their faith. That is, Islam is more of a cultural aspect to them and their belief in Islam is highly hypocritical. Secularism and pro-Western views are dominant in the Pakistan army, in my view, because of the weakness of faith among its officers. They gaze at the might of America and their eyes are stoned with awe. On the other hand, they look at Al-Qaeda and Taliban and are revolted at the twisted interpretations of our faith. Being stuck proverbially between the devil and the deep blue sea, they feel there is no way for them but to accept servitude and the material rewards that come with it.

Yet, if in some way these officers were to have a stronger belief in Allah, and that they could see the glory of Islam; if they could see that they need not fear anyone but Him,and the weakness in their hearts was strengthened. Then, we would be in business. The entire political landscape of Pakistan could change. In one move, we could out-maneuver both the United States and the external enemies of Islam on the one hand, and Al-Qaeda, and all other internal enemies of Islam on the other; exploit the political and ideological gap
 between the two perfectly through the middle.

But if Allah's Will is to happen, if Palestine and Kashmir will in fact be liberated, if we can someday in fact stand up to the United States and Israel conventionally, then the fight begins in Pakistan. Not a fight to overthrow Pakistan, but to win the hearts and minds of the military establishment there. That appears to be the only pragmatic way to reach our goals without spilling Muslim blood and weakening the one Muslim country that has the potential to fight and win conventional wars against modern Western armies. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) too engaged in strategic dawah, exemplified most effectively in Yathrib. Why did we ever stop doing strategic dawah?

Such a Pakistan, with an influx of highly educated and skilled Muslims from around the globe, will be a far stronger Pakistan than the emaciated shadow that Pakistan represents today. If it took 3,000 dedicated Jewish Bolsheviks to establish the Soviet Union, and if we could inject 3,000 motivated Muslims into Pakistan, the possibilities for dramatic and cascading changes are endless, insh'Allah.

Benefits for Pakistan
The Tehrike-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and other parasites will have lost their argument, and as such would become ineffective against such a state. The extremists and misguided Muslims will see the straight path that Pakistan would offer and insh’Allah see the light. That Muslim politics would move from what represents a Mekkan era to one that represents the era of Medina - a position of strength – however small – rather than oppression.

Economically, Pakistan would benefit as well. Pakistan would not face bankruptcy as it does today, as skilled Muslim immigrants from around the world would provide that vital link that the Pakistani economy lacks - link to foreign markets and technology. Wholesale looting of Pakistan's wealth would also be brought to an end as the old elites will be eliminated.

Clearly, there would be many benefits to Pakistan. But the biggest benefit would be to live in obedience of Allah, and to fear Him and Him alone, for He is our Maker, our Sustainer and there is nobody that can compare to Him. That as long as we fear the United States more, or even pursue a policy of Pakistan First, we are moving away from this fundamental principal of Islam and going towards kufr and shirk. There is nothing more important than to obey Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. And if you have faith, there is no one else you need fear.

146 How many of the prophets fought (in Allah's way), and with them (fought) Large bands of godly men? but they never lost heart if they met with disaster in Allah's way, nor did they weaken (in will) nor give in. And Allah Loves those who are firm and steadfast.
147 All that they said was: "Our Lord! Forgive us our sins and anything We may have done that transgressed our duty: Establish our feet firmly, and help us against those that resist Faith."
148 And Allah gave them a reward in this world, and the excellent reward of the Hereafter. For Allah Loveth those who do good.
149 O ye who believe! If ye obey the Unbelievers, they will drive you back on your heels, and ye will turn back (from Faith) to your own loss.
150 Nay, Allah is your Protector, and He is the best of helpers.

AL Quran, The Family of Imran, versus 146-150


So we see in the broader picture a first Muslim state from which a veritable "stand" can be made, possibly since the end of the Uthman Empire. We see a seemingly resource-less country achieve technological feats far beyond what massive spending by Arab countries have failed to achieve. We see a military that is trained beyond the pale of a Third World army. I do see a miracle in this.

Allah has promised us victory if we strive in His Way. The Mahdi prophecy says that an army is to come from the direction of Khurasan. It would seem, world events are matching Iraq and Afghanistan closely to what has been prophesied, and even if one takes them with a bit of salt, clearly, the possibility exists that this is a critical juncture, and as Muslims we should strive for that possibility. Even if these prophecies are false, their mere existence means that we need to guard against the possibility of them being true.

And what if we lose Pakistan to a balkanized group of states? If we lose Pakistan, Muslims, throughout the world, for generations to come, may be condemned to live in persecution, injustice and as the lowest class of people in the global village. If Pakistan is destroyed, we may not get another opportunity for at least another 100 years.

There is an immense movement for an Islamic state going on as you read. Today, there is a huge political momentum building up for this, around what can be considered as the "Zaid Hamid Consensus" in Pakistan. A broad spectrum of people converging upon some basic premise of what is needed. In one sense, this book attempts to galvanize and internationalize those very same ideas, for much of what is going on in Pakistan is not in the English language or viewable in the international media. Muslims globally need to reinforce these efforts, for their future is at stake as much as Pakistan's.

[1] These words were famously stated by Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, former Prime Minister of Pakistan regarding the reality of a Muslim Block.
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Sabir Jan Azmi said...

The creature who does not have enough courage to identify himself is the one who is indulging in wishful thinking. Islam has come to triumph over all forces of falsehood and it will triumph, notwithstanding the (temporary) material superiority of its bad wishers.

Pakistani said...

Its a wishful thinking reminding fox and sour grapes story. If Pakistan has some infrastructure it surely is not due to the people who live in a dream world of prophicies and conspiracy theories. Comming to points raised in article:
The very people whome these guys want to change are the ones who built all this. All this (bits of)industrial infrastructure is built by polticians(lip service guys). Most of the hardwork education and industry is set up by those week faithed guys.
Nobody needs to agree what an islamis state is for Pakistan. if you want to live in such go to Suadia or all those arab states with Kings and Just convert one to Khalifa.

Anonymous said...

A simple question for Sabir and Pakistan web correpondent. Why is Pakistan in a such a mess today? Why is it always asking for aid money and I don't mean for military campaign only. It is a bottomless pit. With all the money that has poured in, has it made any difference to the well being of its citizens? If anything Pakistanis are constantly at each others throat, and the country is unravelling. Why? Is it because of islam which is both a politcal and a religious philosophy? Draw your own conclusions you fools.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan do not need a Khalifa. Pakistan is a respected state. Pakistan have demonstrated scientific, industrial and agricultural achievements. If we can cool down the Mullas(Talibans) it will sure help us.

Pakistani said...

Greed, greed and more greed. A whole bunch of greedy generals,corrupt civil service and lately religios mafia.
First thing is that if donations and aid can fix problems then probably there would be no third world country.
if today saudi's iranians and other powers stop paying to thier proxy thugs pakistan has potential to come out of the mess soon.
Generally Pakistanis are not stupidly religious like these people are trying to portray. although in last two three decades they have been deliberately molded in that direction.

Anonymous said...

excellent article ......INShALLah .... Pakistan will be the starting ground of Muslim empire.... the thing is I have been studing some Literature ... and it seems u have also completly endorsed it ...this means 2 different independent source have matched exctly the same points...and yes .. world don't under estimate Pakistanis.. ...

Anonymous said...

"Don't underestimate Pakistan" Pure codswallop. Pakistan is a sinking and stinking state, run by terrorists and hoodlums. People around the world regard it as epicentre of terrorism. Sooner or later it will be plastered by ICBMs, even from your great friend China. You cannot claim to be something special and same time be in league with the devil. All this malaki about allah rubbish cuts no ice. Pure hogwash.

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