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Islam as an Active Practice - Yusha Evans

A lecture by Yusha Evans on actively practicing Islam as the key reason to why we are in the problems that we face today. Living Islam as a complete way of life.

Yusha Evans is now teaching free live Islamic classes on Theses classes are free and a list of the programing is listed below. These classes are a prelude to what will become programs on the first ever real Islamic television station in the United States and Canada called Guide US TV which is schedule for satellite launch in March of 2010 Inshallah. I look forward to seeing you there bring pencil and paper! May Allah guide us to the truth.

Program schedule:

Monday- Fiqh of Dawah – 330 pm est
Tuesday- Fundamentals of Islam (usool ud deen) – 330 pm est
Wednesday- Heart to Heart (words of advice) – 330 pm est
Thursday- Stories of the Companions – 330 pm est

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