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Why Are Americans Arming At Record Levels?

Millions of Americans have been buying arms at record levels. But the big question is why? The mass media suggests everything between being afraid of a black president, to arms being banned.

Talking to a number of these gun buyers and militias, it seems clear that the main reason is that they feel that their constitutional rights are being nullified, that the political system dominated by the Democratic and Republican parties are fake and controlled by the "same people". That their country is being controlled by certain groups of people affiliated with a foreign nation. All still conspiracy territory for Fox News watchers, yet appear sane and level-headed when considered in light of what senior and serious people have been saying about the US political system.

Strangely, even with over seven million people buying arms in November 2008 and millions continuing to buy later, what is historically one of the largest and most rapid arms buildup in recent history has not met the required attention by the mass media. Nor are hard numbers for 2009 readily available. Yet, while ignoring the scale and scope of the this patriot arms buildup, the mass media has no problems labeling them with any mix of racism, paranoia and/or conspiracy theory.

The movement is evolving. They are moving from individual gun owners to training in groups under militias. Many of them have experience in the US military and are transferring their skills within the militias. Their tactics are also evolving and incorporating sophisticated methods including maneuver.

It will be most interesting to see if we can find militia leaders who would give us an interview. If you are in a militia in the US, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Some random interesting comments from Youtube:

beegeezee505 (5 days ago)
Right now we're playing the waiting game. The chess board is almost set up and soon it will be time for them to make their move.

They can't resist the urge to play but they have no idea on how badly they are about to lose.

Stay sharp out there guys. The battle is soon approaching.

sharky734 (7 months ago)
You don't hide you clown. You group in large numbers with your weapons locked and loaded and wait for the first shot to be fired and then destroy. STAY IN BIG NUMBERS I cant stress this more. Keep cameras at hand to video everything for the nation to see. This is a time for you lazy fucking Americans to show real patriotism, NOT running over seas fighting a corporate war. Fight for the fucking constitution for once, dammit. Its our last remaining right

crackahcrackah (7 months ago)
Set up MULTIPLE resupply caches by breaking your warez into small units. Ammo, spare guns, food, water seeds, water filters, knives, etc. Make spare caches NOW!!! spread them every so many miles so you can access them on your way out of cities or controlled zones to safe spots. CFL bulbs give off magnetic fields so use normal bulbs if you have electricity at caches.

cfl= compact fluorescent lights. They use an inductor which kicks off a field. The troops in Iraq have supposedly been using sensors to find these fields to help in finding hidden caches or areas in houses. Just use the old school light bulbs if you have electricity in your cache. Or candles but remember to have air intake/exhaust. Just research what the VC did in vietnam for tips.

HazMatMedia (5 months ago)
I've been doing some thinking on vehicles and I really feel we should take lessons from other guerilla conflicts around the world. In Africa, the up-armored, four wheel drive pickup and three ton trucks mounting a machine gun or other heavy weapon is king. Fast, manuverable, off road capable. Speed and the ability to hide are our advantages. We must use them. In a long conflict perhaps these vehicles could be converted to run off alchohol instead of gas to ease fuel problems.

Libertytreeradio (2 months ago)
Yes, we do. How many project and private choppers of all types do you think are out there? Try Tens of thousands. Each is a good training platform to get additional flight hours built up on. Like range time all flight time is good flight tiime. Experience is a big plus. Study the many airframe/platforms for you never know what may be in someone elses
barn or back 40 that is a patriot ally.
mark Gregory,, Koernke GDW!

Good idea and lets go one step further. Collect the small older bulb type christmas lights in any size to include the strands.You now have the system to light up an area with low power tactical lighting. Red is a great black out light as are the other colors such as green and blue. regroup and sread out to use sparingly. less power and free or almost free at yard sales. Dollar stores are selling single fixtures as night lights. wire to need and you are done. Keep sharinf ideas!!! Mark G.Koernke

This demonstrates a deep logistical support shift. The arms are no longer in the warehouse where one door can be closed and the weapons carried away.
They are now in many places and as some of those sell theirs they will be even further from the paper trail system. This is a VERY positive action PERIOD. Logistical support on a broad and deep scale is critical to overall performance.
More is better. Mark Gregory,, Koernke

kwazi6 (7 months ago)
If the jews were banned from govt and lobbying we wouldnt be scarred of our own military.
Vision Without Glasses


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