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In Conclusion - 21st Century Islamic State

In Conclusion

It is vital as Muslims to defend Islam. It is a duty upon us. But most Muslims feel helpless because they see themselves in a Mekkan era; that is, where we are in effect powerless. Our rulers are corrupt and often client states of non-Muslim powers. We are technologically, militarily and economically backward and dependent.

While it is true that little actions from over 1.5 billion people can have enormous impact, little actions must build up to bigger actions. If we look back to the generation of the Prophet (Peace be upon him), we see that they went from little actions to bigger actions, from struggle to greater struggle, until the point where Muslims established themselves in Yathrib (Madina), from whence the struggle was on its way up to a positive. The Prophet (peace be upon him) strove and increasingly moved up the tempo until we Muslims moved from an era of oppression in Mekkah to an era of strength in Medina. And if we can reach such a point, it would make all else that we do.

Imagine if we had an Islamic state that was not backward, not secular, nor controlled by the US, how much more would we be able to achieve? If we can find a possible way to create an Islamic state, that struggle should theoretically be of the highest priority for what it would allow us to achieve; for such a state would enable a far greater scale of dawah, charity and jihad. It would allow us to fight honorably and conventionally as the Prophet (peace be upon him fought), without going into such desperate tactics, that are against traditional shariah law, acts as killing civilians and using suicide bombings. Acts that are bida (innovations).

A nation state would galvanize us, synergize our efforts, and unite us in our will and resolve.

Prophecy after prophecy is coming true, and while we cannot agree whether the Black Banners we await will come tomorrow or 200 years from now, there is clearly at least a possibility that it will be sometime soon. As Muslims, we must guard against that possibility, particularly since so many of the signs are being rehearsed before us.

We know of the struggle in Afghanistan. There is little practicality in attempting to create a viable Islamic state with global reach from Afghanistan. Further, any battle that we fight to win, rather than to irritate, would need industrial strength and a viable state, rather than a guerrilla struggle. We must think strategically and understand these issues. We must be willing to think with our brains, as much as struggle with our hearts.

We cannot be indecisive, we cannot be uncaring, we cannot be hypocrites. We must struggle, we must struggle now, we must struggle smart and we must struggle in the Name of Allah. It is He that grants victory, and it is He that owns history.

And Allah knows best.

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