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G20 Repression Could Incite Armed Revolt

By M. Hussain

To stop the demonstrations and protests, authorities took on extreme and brutal measures equivalent to suspension of the US constitution and equal to measures found in Eastern Europe during the 1980s. Pittsburg was turned into a militarized garrison with basic human rights suspended, gunboats on the river, helicopters constantly overhead, military vehicles only seen on the roads in Iraq patrolling the streets, air force jets and the mandatory checkpoints, cement blocks, and fencing. Bridges where closed miles away. Armed police outnumbered citizens and were found at every hundred feet. Businesses and schools were closed. This could have easily been Tito's Yugoslavia.

The police that now resembles the military in the level of their armaments used extreme brutality along with the latest technology - Long Range Acoustic Device mounted on trucks that has left protesters in hospitals to this day - and until now were only seen in places like Fallujah, Iraq. Reporters from the free press were beaten, arrested and their equipment confiscated. Police brutally beat and arrested anyone, including common people living in the area and going about their daily lives. Over 200 people were arrested.

But if these measures reflect measures of Eastern Europe in the 1980s, then we must remember what those measures resulted in. When you stop people from expressing their grievances in a country where voting for either party means voting for the same people, you are calling for trouble. When protesting results in such violent and extreme suppression, these protesters are going to become militant. There are already whispers of militant activities of Americans dissatisfied with the government. Militias are coming back. Gun ownership has accelerated. It could be merely a matter of time before the government gets a taste of its own medicine, not from evil Muslims in the third world, but from its own citizens at home.

Remember, there are now many American veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere who have seen the truth first hand and are fully competent at organizing and training effective military outfits. As you sow, so shall you reap.

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