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Education - 21st Century Islamic State


There are three kinds of education that is being handed out to Muslims today - one created for the elite and involves foreign-language, often English or French based system mirroring a Western education system. This education lacks any real substance in Islam, but instead replace this with a History, Philosophy and Social Science that propagates a world-view centered on the ascendancy of Western civilization, to a secular view of the world and to the subservience and abject inferiority of our own civilization.

From being dressed in Western attire in a young age, our children are / have been brainwashed into accepting an alien culture and serve to be transformed into an elite that neither understands nor respects its culture and roots, and instead, is in awe of the Western civilization. This elite then serves as the agents of the foreign power in keeping control over the country, a new and sophisticated form of vassalage, yet a vassalage to the same, or greater degree than ever before.

The second form of education is the diametric opposite – madrasah education given to the lower classes where the Quran is recited and memorized but without any comprehension or understanding. People still are devoted to the Quran, but their love of the book is not one of reflection and understanding, but of formalistic and ritualistic reading, learning by heart and a complicated science of pronunciation. What is produced are people who can recite, memorize and obey commands, but neither understand Islam, their active role in Islam, or their position in the greater scheme of things.

The third form of education is the government provided education and involves a blend of rout learning similar to the madrasahs, but just enough practical curriculum to be able to function in various jobs and roles that any state and economy inevitably needs. These typically serve the middle classes.

Our educational system is broken, and astoundingly, there is no Muslim government that is willing to fix it. How can we create an improved state of affairs when the fundamental building blocks of the system, the Muslim Individual, is not educated, aware and enlightened but brainwashed to believe their inferiority? As with any system, garbage in, garbage out.

An Islamic education must be built, an education on the basis of which we can build sound citizens. Such an education can be seen in the various Islamic school systems established throughout the world including by Yusuf Islam, whose highly successful chain of Islamic schools in the United Kingdom has been a model of excellence. An Islamic state would need to bring men like him together, and let them build what they have successfully built without the resources of a state and in a hostile environment. We do not need to reinvent the wheel, this task before us, although of the greatest importance, is not beyond the capabilities already present today.

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