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Continuing The Dialogue Through Creative Commons - 21st Century Islamic State

Continuing The Dialogue Through Creative Commons

I have held from the beginning that I do not have the scholarship or wisdom to write this book. I have written it nevertheless as no one else appears to be stepping up to the plate. Within these pages I've placed the best that I know, the best of me. Yet, this book can be better written, and more worthy ideas included, or better ideas replacing those that I have come up with. I would rather that this book be added to, modified, by those that have something to contribute to the great intellectual task before us.

As such I have removed copyright restrictions by using Creative Commons. Effectively, any Muslim intellectual can create his or her own version of the book. It is my hope that this would facilitate a dialogue between Muslim intellectuals. If software can be best developed open source, perhaps this book too can be best developed under a Creative Commons license. I will attempt to maintain to the best of my ability any future versions, but I leave it equally upon anyone interested in doing so. May Allah bless us all and help us in these dark days of oppression.

Creative Commons License
21st Century Islamic State by Meinhaj Hussain is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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