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Dear Senator Leahy,


Dear Senator Leahy,

I write to you with a heavy heart.

We met once, at an all night vote to fund the War. I outside with
Veterans of the atrocities we have commited, imploring our government
to stop the madness, you going in to vote. You were kind enough to take
a moment with me, and we spoke of Lincoln, my home.

I have a lovely wife, two sons, Noble and Justice. We have a farm, with
Icelandic Sheep, a miniature horse, and cow, chickens and such.. Life
is good for us.

However, beyond this nirvana are places absent of Justice, and people
clutching torn bodies with a clenched fist raised at the passing
American bomber..

Into those lands I go at times, to bear witness, give
aid, and document what I see.

I went to Gaza in the aftermath of "Cast Lead" with a Peace Delegation
for International Woman's Day.

What I saw was the systematic brutal
suppression of any vestige of Human Rights. The Most painful part of
this is knowing American Funded Bombs in Violation of our own treaties
have done all this.

Along comes the Goldstone Report...

Now America is poised to Veto in the Security Council this important step for Justice.

America has little enough world wide respect, as we flaunt the rule of law to protect only our own aggression.

To not give support for the conclusion and recommendations given in this report, is to say there is no Law.

Law is what can stand between Peace and War.

If we choose war, then war we shall have.

Where do you stand on the Goldstone Report?

Justice or War?

Tyler Westbrook

Lincoln Vermont

Vision Without Glasses


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