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Review: Baba Ali & Ummah Films

Ummah Films is a next generation, dynamic Muslim film company led by Baba Ali (born Ali Ardekani), one of the most popular Muslim YouTubers today. UmmahFilms has produced a web series including the "Reminder" series and "Ask Baba Ali" series amongst other hugely popular videos.

Ummah Films is remarkable in its ability to reach Muslim masses in the West, where a very small minority of Muslims actually go to the mosque for lectures and services. The company reaches out to the world in a manner that is engaging and relevant to the younger generation of Muslims.

Baba Ali works in the IT profession and also has had extensive experience in education. Baba Ali's work is now shown on a number of Islamic Channels globally including Islam Channel of the UK. He is a comedian, film-maker, entrepreneur and educator all rolled into one. He is now effectively a Muslim celbrity with over 10 million views to his videos and has been prominently featured in a number of Muslim events and publications as well as in The New York Times and USA Today. Baba Ali and Ummah Films are presently working on a full-length film.

Ali has also designed two board games, Mecca to Medina and Kalimaat.


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