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New Member - Majid Mahmood

Please join us in welcoming brother Majid Mahmood to our organization as the Director of International Relations & Defense Studies. Majid has a grasp of all three sections of our platform - Political, Theological and Military. Without further commentary, I will let him introduce himself in a more befitting manner:

My name is Majid Mahmood and professionally I am an Electrical engineer with specialization in telecommunications. Recently, I have been a student of defence and strategic studies. My areas of Interest are International relations and defence studies. Besides all these things i have been studying Islam as a system and trying to understand the Politics of Islam when it is established as a system. I believe that Muslim Ummah today needs to have a political unity in the form of a single state so that it once again can rise to its original status it enjoyed in the past. Specifically, speaking w.r.t Pakistan the only alternative that could save it from chaos and instability is establishment of Islam as a system .No democracy and dictatorship could lead it to revival.

Jazakullah Khairun

Majid Mahmood

Majid Mahmood can be reached at
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