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The Islamic Declaration

GrandeStrategy will be presenting Alija Izetbegovic's book, The Islamic Declaration. Alija Izetbegovic is the former President of Boznia and Hercegovina. Along with Muhammad Iqbal and Muhammad Asad, Alija's work lays the intellectual foundations of what an Islamic State today should be. Please bear with us as we post the book in sections.

The Islamic Declaration
A Programme for the Islamization of Muslims and Muslim Peoples

Sarajevo, 1990
Our Goal: The Islamization of Muslims
Our Motto: Believe and Struggle


The Declaration which we today present to the public is not prescribed reading, intended to demonstrate to foreigners or doubters the superiority of Islam over any particular system or school of thought.

It is intended for Muslims who know where they belong and whose hearts clearly tell them which side they stand on. For such as these, this declaration is a call to understand the inevitable consequences of that which their love and allegiance bind them.

The entire Muslim world is in a state of ferment and change. Whatever form it eventually takes when the initial effects of these changes is felt, one thing is certain: it will no longer be the world of the first half of this century. The age of passivity and stagnation has gone forever.

Everyone is trying to take advantage of this time of movement and change, particularly foreign powers, both East and West. Instead of their armies, they now use ideas and capital and by a new mode of influence are once more endeavouring to accomplish the same aim: to ensure their presence and keep the Muslim nations in a state of spiritual helplessness and material and material and political dependence.

China, Russia and the Western countries quarrel as to who among them will extend patronage and to which part of the Muslim world. Theirs is a pointless dispute. The Islamic world does not [unreadable] them but to the Muslim people.

A world of 700 million people and enormous natural resources, occupying a first class geographical position, heir to colossal cultural and political traditions and the proponent of living Islamic thought cannot long remain in a state of vassalage. There is no power which can check the new Muslim generation from putting an end to this abnormal state of affairs.

In this conviction, we announce to our friends and enemies alike that Muslims are determined to take the fate of the Islamic world into their own hands and arrange that world according to their own vision of it.

From this point of view, the ideas contained in the Declaration are not absolutely new. This is rather a synthesis of ideas heard with increasing frequency in various places and which are accorded about the same importance in all parts of the Muslim world. Its novelty lies in that it seeks to promote ideas and plans into organized action.

The struggle towards new goals did not begin today. On the contrary, it has already exprerienced shihada (martyrdom) and its history contains pages of the suffering of its victims. Still, this is mainly the personal sacrifice of exceptional individuals or courages minor groups in collusion with the mighty forces of the Jahiliya (godless). The magnitude of the problem and its difficulties however, require the organized action of millions.

Our message is dedicated to the memory of our comrades who have fallen in the name of Islam.

Sarajevo, 1970
Jumadi-I-awwal, 1390

Do we want the Muslim peoples to break out of the circle of dependence, backwardness and poverty?
Do we want them to step out confidently once more on the road to dignity and enlightenment, to become the masters of their own destiny?
Do we want burning courage, genius and virtue to burst forth again in their force?
Then we can clearly show the way which leads to this goal: The generating of Islam in all areas of personal individual life, in the family and society, through the renewal of Islamic religious thought and the creation of a united Islamic community from Morocco to Indonesia.
This goal may seem remote and improbable, but it is nonetheless realistic because it is the only one located within the bounds of possiblity. In contrast, every non-Islamic programme may seem to be close and within range of its target, but for the Islamic world this is pure utopia, because these programmes lie in the realm of the impossible.

History demonstrates one fact clearly: Islam is the single idea which has been able to excite the imagination of the Muslim peoples and to instil in them the necessary measure of discipline, inspiration and energy. No other ideal, foreign to Islam, has ever managed to hold sway in any meaningful way either int he cultural or at state level. In fact, all that is great or noteworthy in the history of the Muslim peoples has been done under the banner of Islam. A few thousand tried warriors of Islam forced Britain to withdraw from Suez in the 1950s, while the combined arms of the Arab nationalist regimes are now for the third time losing the battle against Israel. Turkey as an Islamic country ruled the world. Turkey as a plagiary of Europe is now a thirdrate country, like a hundred others around the world.

Just as an individual, a people that has accepted Islam is thereafter incapable of living and dying for any other ideal. It is unthinkable that a Muslim should sacrifice himself for any king or ruler, no matter who he might be, or for the glory of any nation or party, because the strongest Islamic instinct recognizes in this a kind of paganism and idolatry. A Muslim can die only in the name of Allahand for the glory of Islam, or flee the battlefield.

Periods of passivity and stagnation in fact mean the absence of an Islamic alternative or unreadiness on the part of the Muslim population to take the uphill path. They are the negative expression of the spiritual monopoly that Islam holds over the Islamic world.

While accepting this situation as an expression of the Will of God, we positively state that the Islamic world cannot be renewed without Islam or against it. Islam and its deep-rooted percepts on man's place in the world, the purpose of human life, the relationship between God and man and between man and man, remains a lasting and irreplaceable ethical, philosophical, ideological and political foundation for every authentic action taken towards renewal and improvement of the state of the Muslim peoples.

The alternative is stark: either a move towards Islamic renewal, or passivity and stagnation. For the Muslim peoples, there is no third possiblity.

Vision Without Glasses


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