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Review: Samira Atash, Beauty and the East TV

by M. Hussain,

Samira Atash, Beauty and the East TV showcases Muslims from a side that is too often ignored by the mass media - multicultural, multi-dimensional, dynamic, entertaining, and cool. Samira Atash is an award-nominated New York based fashion designer and entrepreneur. A first generation Afghan Muslim, she has experienced first-hand the difficulties of pursuing a career in the arts and entertainment industry. Beauty and the East TV attempts to change the post-9/11 media stereotypes, and do so in a most entertaining manner.

Despite her modern outlook and lifestyle, Samira has not forgotten her values and morals. In 2003, an agent wanted to sign Samira for a major role in a soap opera, "Guiding Light" for the role of a "vixen". Despite how important this was to her career, Samira refused, on the grounds that the audition included a kissing scene. She stated that "she would die" before her parents saw her making out with a man on TV.

You can learn more about Samira Atash and Beauty and the East TV at their website.

Below is an episode that I particularly enjoyed - New Muslim Cool - NYC Premiere, a documentary about Puerto Rican-American hip-hop artist and Muslim convert Hamza Perez. The documentary aired on PBS’s POV series last night to millions of viewers.

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