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Pakistan's Al Khalid Tank Gets Updated

by B.Khan, & M.Hussain,

Pakistan's Al Khalid Tank, widely considered one of the most competent Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) in the global arms market, has received an update, according to GrandeStrategy sources. This new version of Al-Khalid is said to be ready for production, although orders are yet to be placed for production to begin. The Al Khalid II is said to have a new armor that has been tested to defeat all known 120mm and 125mm rounds. This "special" armor is a major technological breakthrough for Pakistan. The tank has received a new transmission and revised electronic turret control.

The Al Khalid II has a new Integrated Battle Management System (IBMS) and active threat-protection system, the latter being an upgrade from the passive system in the earlier model. The tank is now perhaps the most heavily weaponized per tonnage of any tank, being able to carry 49 125mm rounds, 1,500 12.7mm and 7,100 7.62mm rounds.

Rumors suggest that Saudi Arabia is ready to procure the Al Khalid II but not going through with the deal because of differences with the political administration in Pakistan. Rumors also indicate that these relate to the kickbacks demanded by Pakistan's infamously corrupt President Asif Zardari, nicknamed "Mr.10%".

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