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Pakistan is the Key

by Meinhaj Hussain,

Pakistan is today the most critical state for the Muslim Ummah. We must protect Pakistan under all circumstances and all costs. Pakistan is the Muslim country with the greatest prospect of being able to challenge Western and Israeli military supremacy.

Pakistan has the most innovative and competent military-industrial complex in the Muslim world that can churn out tanks, cruise missiles, combat aircraft, all of which are globally competitive. There is no stronger Muslim state, and none that can match the training in air power, the budding industrial-military complex, and the vast potential for future military, geo-strategic and economic strength.

As long as Pakistan lasts, we have hope for a revival. Let us consider the alternative - what if we lose Pakistan to a balkanized group of states? If we lose Pakistan, let there be no doubt that we Muslims, throughout the world, for generations to come, will be condemned to live in persecution, in injustice and as the lowest class of people in the global village. We will be the Red Indians of this century and Islam will be relegated to the same role that Christianity now plays in Europe.

If we look at the history of Muslim Spain, we are making the very same mistakes. Each little principality was worried about their own, "Me First" was their slogan. Each of these states were taken down one at a time. Once Spain was conquered, Islam was razed out of every nook and corner of her. From Attaturk's "Turkey First", we now have "Pakistan First", "Bangladesh First", "Iraq First", "Egypt First" and more. Spanish Muslims allied themselves with Christians to fight fellow Muslims to guard their narrow and myopic interests. How different is what we are doing today?

We must not be divided at this point. If Islam is a house, it is on fire. We have to unite, plan and organize. When your house is on fire you pass the bucket. You do not wonder whether the person you're passing it to is a Shia, a Sunni, A Kurd, an Iranian, an Egyptian, a Bangladeshi. I am a Bangladeshi. My father was tortured by Pakistani soldiers. My people were raped, pillaged and mass murdered. Genocide was committed against us by Pakistan. If I can put that behind me and support Pakistan now, knowing how important it is to the Muslim Ummah and how this fire is engulfing our home, surely it must be so much easier for others.

Does it not surprise you that Neo-Conservatives and Zionists also speak of the importance of Pakistan? Of course, it is from the opposite perspective, but it is instructive nevertheless.

We are today at a crossroads and we have three choices before us. One road will take us to assimilating into the Western civilization and relegating Islam to the role that Christianity today plays in the West or that the religion of the Romans played in their age. The second road leads us to reviving Islam in its true spirit and meaning. The third choice is to decay and die were we stand. Pakistan may be the last chance in a long time that we are going to get in taking the road to Islam.

It is true that Pakistan today is largely a secular country taking the other road. This is largely the secular and westernized elite that rules Pakistan. We cannot attempt to change that, for the moment Pakistan gets destabilized, we lose our last trump card. What we can effectively do is to win hearts and minds and helping them build an alternative education system - something Yusuf Islam has successfully done in the United Kingdom and Hamza Yusuf, Yusuf Estes and others are attempting in the United States.

I despair at how much needs to be done and how little we are doing. Our total lack of organization and planning. Our complete lack of perspective, stumbling from one crisis to another. Can we change? Will we change?

Agree with me? What can you do?

Here are the people I believe we need to convince to this cause to make it work:

Contact Yusha Evans to convince him.
Contact Yusuf Estes to convince him
Contact Shiekh Nuh Ha Mim Keller to convince him (
Contact Yusuf Islam to convince him (office"at"
Contact Hamza Yusuf and convince him (hamza.yusuf"at"
Contact Abdur-Raheem Green to convince him (awggreen"at"
Contact Zaid Hamid to convince him (info"at"
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Email me your thoughts on who else we can approach
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Do something, anything

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