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01/22/2012 Question from a Christian American Sister

From Fahad:

salam, You have a good site her. I would like to recommend to you several other sites to help you increase in your knowledge. Salam Fahad

From Rafique Sulayman:

wonderful research by Tariq M. Ashraf on emerging trends of Pakistan terrorism. Grande Saluti. Rafique Sulayman

From Arsalan:

Sallam. Great article by Qasim Butt! Very touching account. Keep up good work!

From Adnan Khan:

Salaam I am the CEO of international insights @ I would like with permission to circulate your articles on my website So we can reach people with the Haq.

From Rajab:

I love the way the metaphisical mechanics of the Actions of the believers was desdribed I am a new believer and convert to Islam. I believe that if we all came to prayer with the idea of claming our prayer space and it's layline for good and for Allah, we would see and even more powerful shift. I was inspired by this idea a long time ago when I studied acupressure and practiced on people's meridians. I didn't know about laylines. This wakeup series is te best I have seen and very inspiring. Alahu Achbar!

From Tom Taylor:

How do I download "Corrupt banking system: Money is debt"? I want to keep in on my hard drive, not just "have the link"...because the links don't save the data? Can you help me please? I want to keep some of this for the posterity of my children...when we are slaves.

From Tiffany:

thank you so much. Im a little scared but enlightened, im going to mosque for the first time by myself.

From Joshim:

Assalamu alaikum.

I read the articles on with great interest and pray that Allah swt strengthens you and your colleagues in your resolve to establish khalifa. I would like to share my thoughts with you regarding the article The Need For A Unified Islamic State. I believe this is a wonderful piece of work and if your ideas could be implemented, I’m sure progress could be made.

It is indeed feasible and reasonable to see Pakistan as the focal point for the task of re-kindling the State, but there needs to be a clear strategy. What most intrigued me was dawah to the military elite. For what is the army made up of if not ordinary people? They are certainly not from the wealthy or educated elite, yet they are the protectors of the rule of law in any country. Winning them over to the idea is vital for the goal we all seek. The second point which is of great interest to me is the level of knowledge of the average Muslim in Pakistan. Is this really vital to the goal? I’m sure the masses of Muslims are against having a puppet regime ruling over them. I’m sure the idea that a strong independent Islamic state which could help oppressed Muslims in other parts of the world would be very appealing, even to the very ‘modern’ Muslim.

I believe a multi-faceted approach is required to make any change realistic. It needs to be clearly planned and executed in a measurable fashion. It needs to include both a bottom-up approach as well as targeting the rulers at the top.

Can we agree what an Islamic State is?

This may sound strange, but I don’t believe this is as vital as it may seem. Yes, for a State to be strong and workable, the people must agree on what its role is. But considering we have no co-ordination amongst our religious and secular scholars, we will never get a clear definition of this. And even if we managed to get a clear understanding of what an Islamic State would entail, there will always be Muslims of weak iman who will try to discredit such a model and cause fitna. What’s more, it is very likely that a fully functional Islamic State will take years to refine, and a theoretical model will only be useful to a limited degree. What is evident though is that the majority of Muslims agree that unity is vital, and that Islam is the answer to all the problems we face. The people must be educated on the obligation of being in a jamah, so that this becomes the driving factor. Not knowing exactly the finer details of how the State will operate will, inshAllah, not cause people to abandon the movement.

The bottom-up facet: The Unity Advisor

Here we must accept that without the support of the masses, no change will be sustainable. Even if the ruling elite miraculously returned to the sunnah, mass riots and unrest would undo any progress made. With this in mind, we must examine what is required to get people to jump on board. I am of the opinion that even a basic level of knowledge in Islam is sufficient to convince people that the Islamic State is the only solution to our problems. We should not assume that everyone needs to be knowledgeable, for is it not so that if the yeast is good, the bread is tasty? We only need a small amount of yeast for the bread to be baked, and so we need only a minority amongst the masses to have a deep knowledge of Islam to convince everyone else. The strategy would require targeting respected and knowledgeable individuals within communities. If these people can be convinced of the cause, the following model can be adopted:

The community leaders must educate and culture the people of their communities. A wide range of methods are available including lectures/sermons, workshops etc. The aim is to get the people to unite behind a local representative. If one already exists, such as a governor or politician, then this person must be educated to the cause. What is the cause? The elected/chosen representative will be a “Unity Advisor” (or you could call them whatever you like, what’s important is what they do). Unity Advisors will have the support of the community, because they have been chosen by the community with the help of the knowledgeable Muslims. The people will commit to supporting Unity Advisor to help establish an Islamic State in the country. The cultivating process must take place throughout the country at grass-roots level. Unity Advisors must be elected throughout the land, ready for the next stage.

Is this realistic? Can we really expect Muslims on a local level to elect/choose a representative to establish the Islamic State? I can only speak from personal experience, where I have gone to listen to a sheikh giving a khutba and felt very moved and inspired by the end, only to realize I don’t know how to mobilise this emotion into action. This method would be a democratic, bottom-up approach to uniting people behind a single cause. After a lecture/program, the speaker could ask for the commitment of the people to support/elect a representative. I’m sure this could be achieved, as the people themselves would not be required to do anything to scare them away – there will be no calls to fight, no membership fees, no filtering process. The message will appeal to the Muslim sensibilities of the people, and would require simply supporting the representative and supporting the Islamic State once it is established.

The ruling elite facet.

This is where very knowledgeable, talented Muslim scholars, such as the names you mentioned in your article, can give strong dawah to the military and ruling elite. The key is the military, as they will be the insurance that the movement will require. When the ruling elite refuse to comply with the cause (which is expected) they must not be able to call on the military to crush the movement through violence. This process will require very careful co-ordination and tact, and will no doubt be a dangerous operation.

Once these two processes of cultivation have taken effect (and it is vital they happen simultaneously), the next stage in the process can be implemented.

The Unity Advisors will unite and lobby the government/ruling elite to establish the Quran and Sunnah as the constitution. They will have the backing of the people via mass protests (inshAllah) and almost more importantly, the military. I am not certain whether it is allowed in the Shariah to actually oust the leader or not, but either the leader must establish Islamic State and rule within this, or should step down allowing for someone more suitable. In the latter scenario, the Unity Advisors must choose the most suitable, pious person to rule. This ruler will then be the Imam of the nation, ruling in accordance to the shariah of Islam. This would achieve the national objective, but there will remain the international obligation of uniting with other states.


A common occurrence throughout the world is speakers telling the Muslims that we must unite, we must fight to re-establish unity, but they never tell us how. Muslims could very well fight and get rid of all the enemy soldiers in Kashmir, Palestine, Somalia etc but we would still be left with a divided ummah. Whatever strategy we adopt, we must be able to measure its progress, so that we can judge its success or adapt to its failures. The model stated above must be measured in terms of how many regions and at what rate elect and support a Unity Advisor. E.g. If only three out of sixty provinces in nine months elect a Unity Advisor, we would be able to analyse the failures of such a strategy. How many cities in a region have backed a representative and other information about demographics could prove useful in forwarding the agenda.


Any strategy adopted must be transferable to any Muslim country, with adjustments being made to match the condition of the nation. Efforts should not solely be made on one country such as Pakistan. Work must be done simultaneously. This will also strengthen the movement by seeing where the strategy was successful and transfer those ideas to nations where the efforts are failing. Once an Imam is established in every nation, unity will be just one step away where these Imams unite and elect a single leader from amongst them (this would have been a requirement/condition when the Imam of a nation was elected i.e. when the time comes, they must help choose a leader for the international ummah). By making this a global movement, there will be hope and aspirations for people at local community levels, for there will be a greater sense of urgency and belonging. The feelings of being part of one ummah will, inshAllah, develop.


The above is just an idea. It requires talented Muslims who can devise the idea into a clear plan which can be documented and presented to influential people who will be doing the leg-work. Also, with clear documentation, wealthy Muslims and organisations would be more willing to donate to the cause, as they would be able to see the strategy and understand its measurability.

I have not mentioned any of the de-stabilising factors which will rear their heads in the face of such a movement. I do not have the intellectual capacity to overcome such scenarios but I believe you have. Perhaps what I have written is complete drivel, but inshAllah, perhaps something I have written will spark an idea in your head to help you with your work. If this was of no use to you, I apologise but also thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.

I live in London, UK and so have no understanding of the dynamics of the Pakistani political sphere. But it is my firm belief that whatever strategy we adopt, it must target both the masses via a bottom-up approach as well as the ruling elite.

May Allah swt guide us to the Straight Path.

Your brother in Islam,

Vision Without Glasses


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