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Please join us in welcoming brother Richard (Rajab) Vaughan and Joshim Uddin. Here is a brief biography about brother Rajab, and a biography about brother Joshim will inshallah follow soon:

I have been a believer in the One God for ten years. Unfortunately I came into faith of the One God "Allah" under what I have come to find was a"hijacked" model of worship and faith. It was hijacked by Rome and by the pharisee sect of the Jewish faith through an implanted agent named Saul of Tarsus. (Renaming himself Paul) Many things did not ring true for me along my nine-year journey through the "Christian Faith".

I never did "fit in" Most of what kept me there was my ego. I was a good singer/guitarist/songwriter.... writing, playing, and leading the congregation to sing Christian songs in church. I found myself investigating the phenomenons connected with binaural beats (in an effort to create a better praise and worship model) and realized that the catholic church was in the business of "artificially" inducing the brain waves of a "spiritual state" in their congregations, through the control of sound waves along each side of the heads. I believe all of this was directed and enhanced "by plan",all the way from the architecture to the choir and the actual tones and sounds sung by them. Many more irreconcilable differences in the actions of "Churches"... believers... and the Bible, brought about a bigger and bigger schism between myself and the "Christian" faith. Now I find myself a Muslim...married to a Muslim and getting ready to move to a Muslim country. (insha'Alla)
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