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New Member - Brother Joshim Uddin's Introduction

Please join us in welcoming brother Joshim Uddin. Here is a brief biography of brother Joshim:

Born and raised in London, I never did take much of an interest in my Bangladeshi or Muslim heritage during my childhood. They took the role of being mere spectators in my development, waiting for the odd moment when I would call on them to fulfil some family obligation, or ritual. This pattern continued right into my early adulthood. I was a promising student; gaining nothing less than 9 A’s at the end of my compulsory education at sixteen. Naturally, I sought to continue my academic pursuits. But by then the paperchase had began for me, as I got a job before all my friends. And so education took a back seat whilst ambition for riches took the wheel. It should come as no surprise then, that I dropped out of university twice, failing to turn up to classes to do extra shifts at work, just so I could get that new gadget or status enhancing material possession at the end of the month. I was sleepwalking into obscurity, until I stumbled across the prayer room during my second stint at university. Here the slow transformation began, where the beauty and thoroughness of Islam started to penetrate my heart. Even after I dropped out of university the second time, my thirst for learning the deen stayed with me, to which stays with me to this day. I became more aware of the pointless life I was leading, waking up each day with aimless thoughts, returning to bed at night with a collection of meaningless actions accumulated through the day. I started taking greater care of my imaan, and the people I chose to accompany. I took more interest in family, and less interest in work colleagues. I was drawn more to watching and reading the news, and less to watching music videos and films. I chose to read more books on history and philosophy, and shunned fiction books.

It is this greater care in the things I do which gave me a new perspective of what is happening in the world. We find ourselves in such a mess because we did not (and continue to not) take care of our religion. We were fooled by the dunya because we took our eye off the ball. And I don’t wish to die in this state. I returned to university early this year reading Bachelors in Philosophy and Psychology, with a new found enthusiasm for learning. With this I continue to learn Arabic and search for people who care about the state of the Ummah, all for the pleasure of Allah swt.

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