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Prophecy of the Euphrates Drying Coming True

Many of the prophecies that Prophet Muhammad stated 1400 years ago, have come true. One prophecy, concerning the drying of the Euphrates and unearthing gold has yet to come true. This prophecy is a critical prophecy, as the war that is predicted is closely linked to the coming of the Mahdi. Here are some of the prophecies:

  • "Soon the river Euphrates will disclose the treasure [the mountain] of gold. So, whoever will be present at that time should not take anything of it." — Sahih Bukhari.
  • The Prophet Muhammad said: "The Hour will not come to pass before the river Euphrates dries up to unveil the mountain of gold, for which people will fight. Ninety-nine out of one hundred will die [in the fighting], and every man among them will say: 'Perhaps I may be the only one to remain alive'." — Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim.
  • The Prophet Muhammad said: "The Euphrates reveals the treasures within itself. Whoever sees it should not take anything from it".
  • "It [the Euphrates] will uncover a mountain of gold [under it]." — Sunan Abi Da'ud.

Breaking News: 20th March 2009

Drought Reveals Iraqi Archaeological Treasures ... =102184336

"The drying up of the Euphrates River have revealed ancient archaeological sites, some of which were unknown until now."

"Ancient buildings have emerged from the river bed in Iraq's western Anbar province as the Euphrates River dries up."

"What once was an enormous reservoir that stretched as far as the eye could see has shrunk an astonishing 90 percent since summer", officials say.

"But because of the receding waters, Ratib has been able to access some sites for the first time — including, for instance, a cliff with a series of pre-Christian tombs carved into its face."

"The river level is very low, it's the lowest it has ever been that we can remember," says fisherman Sa'ad Naji."

"We began looking around the area, and we found clay jars and old bones, coins and even some gold jewelry" he says.

"Cliffs that were once submerged now reveal pre-Christian tombs built into the rock face. "

If Iraq finds major gold reserves, this could be a signal for renewed civil strife between the various tribes there as well as perennially interfering outside powers. All Muslims reading this are reminded not to pursue this gold, as was instructed by the Prophet.
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Anonymous said...

It could be oil?

Anonymous said...

possibly, but we can't say for certain.

Justdance said...

what if its already happened in the past, as in, the hadith already fulfilled??

g1 said...

That is not possible because the events foretold have not come to pass. We can claim that the prophecy is yet to be fulfilled but it is illogical to claim they have already come to pass. IMHO unless you are talking about the very recent past as in oil being gold.

Brendom said...

it's not oil for sure, it's 'gold', don't forget inside euphrates there lies great civilizations like mesopotamia...

Abdul Khan said...

it is indeed cursed...

Tabassum Yunis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tabassum Yunis said...

Which one of your Lords signs do u deny

Anonymous said...

How is this closely linked to the coming of the Mahdi?

Anonymous said...

We are told that Yajooj and Majooj tribes live behind a wall presumably underground in the dark. We are told they are wreckless , a random theory which i obtain from this is that taking the Gold will make them angry. People will be so deluded with the gold , they will all take it greedily. There wall , blocking them is supposedly strong , they will break through it when it is as thin as paper. Water acts as the wall , when the water is gone that is when their 'wall' would be as thin as paper. It will be easily breakable. We are told they are imprisoned , the wall in the picture above looks like a prison cell , with bars going down vertically.

This is just a concept , tell me what you think.

Anonymous said...

where in the world are yajooj and majooj located and where is this iron wall?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sultan sikander Zulqarnain(Cyrus the Great) has built was between two mauntain ranges where he Put Iron Plates within the mountain thus blocked the route.

actually Yajooj and Majoujs are Human being numadic Tribes who are fireice against other nations.. Yajooj /Yogog refer to Chines, where as Majoujs/Mogog are Russians.
When Cyrus got the request of the victim nations he managed his forces Put rocks and Iron plates between Karakorum ranges thus limited chines not to cross the the rest of the world. second he likwise but a wall or similiarly put rocks and iron plates between the narrow vallyed area of Caucas,Chechenya and Dagistan to Block russians not to enter into other nations.all those people who are living within valleys of Karakorum and hindukush range as well as Caucase region are the desecndants of Sultan Siknder Zulqarnain(Cyrus the Great). they are v.strong in physic and fighting. Yajouj and majoujs are unbelievers do not believe in God the same is here Russians and Chines are Communists. they could not conqure or break the walls/Mountain routes unless they follow the relegion of Islam. when they become muslim they will break all those harduls and but still they will have their origin to eat everything, whether animals or human etc.
their nature of eating every existing thing could not be ulter.

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