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Kashmir Page

This page will maintain a list of websites highlighting the Kashmir struggle. Our aim will be to provide quality links that provide information on the movement.

CounterCurrents - Kashmir Page
Freedom Movement In Kashmir Blog
Hell in Paradise
Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front
Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Blog
Kashmir: As I See It
Kashmir Black & White
Kashmir Blog
Kashmir Council for Human Rights
Kashmir Cries Blog
Kashmir Times
Kashmir Observer
Kashmir Study Group
Kashmiri Canadian Council
Paradise Lost
Sakooter Speaks
Times of Kashmir
The News Kashmir       NEW Kashmir Page

Reading List
14th Century Shrine Destroyed
A Brief Catalog of Indian Atrocities
A Libertarian Socialist
Demographic Democide
Dr Alistair Lamb Explains
Elections 1999
Examples of Indian Atrocities
Historical Background
Horizon Speaks
Human Rights Bloggers
Images of Kashmir Brutality - viewer discretion advised
Key Documents
Key Personalities of Kashmir
Quaint Murmur
The Social Blog
Unbridled Massacre of Kashmiris by Indians
What you can do to help the Kashmir cause

Vision Without Glasses


Anonymous said...

I unfortunately personally know Meinhaj Hussein. A typical Islamic loser who showed his true colors and sick mindset at the end of the day. Of course after he and his family enjoyed everything that US had to offer.

There was nothing anyone did wrong to him for him to have such hatred in his heart but then Islam does that to you I guess. Especially the pussy tactic of playing victim when they have been the greatest aggressors and genocidal monsters in history.

He comfortably forgets that in his own country Bangladesh 3 million people were wiped out by the Pornis oops Porkis... oops Puke-is.. oops Pakistani army and India had to come and save their sorry asses.

Or maybe he does not care as 80% of his countrymen killed by the Pornistani army were Hindus. After all their so called prophet also encouraged killing of unarmed non believers including women and children.

They shit in their pants when real American, ISraeli or Sikh Indian army comes but are very macho while raping helpless women and killing babies and civilians.

Guys this guy is psychotic and thankfully out of the US soon but is going to Malaysia. Make sure if you can to notify Malaysian authorities about him and do not let him do his evil deeds freely. Make him run till the only place left is NWFP/Afghanistan/Somalia/Yemen and after that the US drones will get him.

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