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The Alexa rankings confirm that Twitter’s penetration in Iran is nearly 0%.

Do We Really Care About Democracy?

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Anonymous said...

Alexa ratings are based on people who have the Alexa client installed. All that proves is that people in Iran don't use Alexa.

zeq said...

It makes sense to be cynical about such things, but then again you are ignoring that the MSM was slow to pick up the Iran story, prompting #CNNFAIL threads on twitter. It is hard to simultaneously argue that American's don't care about Democracy then to claim that on twitter is is mostly Americans "talking to each other". To me, that discourse suggests that we do actually care about democracy. It makes sense for Iranians to appeal to Americans when it comes to the idea of fighting for a free election, it is what we are known for. So even if American's don't really care about democracy, we still care about people who do and I don't think that is such a bad thing. Also, changes in technology have always changed the way we perceive international events, I don't think it is an active media conspiracy so much as a natural evolution centered around media changes. There is a great story about it here:

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and insightful from your priveleged distance. Not so if you know anyone who has lived through the dictatorship in Iran. Its a population that has had enough and it has nothing to do with america.
and yes i agree keep your army at home for a change.
but america is following this, not leading. hard to swallow i know.

Anonymous said...

You mean the $400 million the US is spending on creating insurrection in Iran is for milk and honey? "the dictatorship in Iran" just shows were you are REALLY from; anyone in Iran knows there is no one person with absolute power there.

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