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Pakistan Navy Slated for Major Revamp

Pakistan Navy is seeking to buy three Type 42 Batch 3 destroyers from the Royal Navy (RN), FFG 7 frigates from the United States and Type 214 submarines from Germany. Pakistan also has 4 F-22P frigates on order from China. The Pakistan Navy is slated for a major revamp in the AFFDP-2019, the blue print for modernization of Pakistani armed forces, learned sources suggest.

The PN is currently the weakest arm in the Pakistan armed forces and except for the French submarines, are largely outdated. The main surface fleet, the Tariq class are now over 30 years old. The German submarines would give a major boost to the PN that trails significantly behind its rival Indian rival. However, these have been delayed until the German elections while the United States have dragged their foot on any Pakistani acquisition.

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