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Zionist Terrorism in Cyberspace


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NEWSLETTER 26 April 2002
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Assalaamu Alaikum

When we chose the Day of Quds last Ramadhan to launch our
Boycott Israel Campaign, we never envisaged the degree of
support it would secure, alhamdullah, from both Muslims and
non-Muslims alike in such a short period of time.

We have received thousands of emails of support from all
around the world. Perhaps the most memorable was a message we
received on 3rd of April, from Amjad. His message was simple :

"I like to thank you by my name and by all Arabs in
Palestine because of your position against Israel. Thank

For country, he entered "Nabulas, Palestine". A quick look up
of the IP address confirmed he was writing from an internet
cafe in Nabulas. A few hours after we received the email a
news alert revealed that more than 100 israeli tanks had
just entered Nabulus. The slaughter had begun. We never
received a reply to our message of solidarity to Amjad:

"Know that you are not alone, that the whole world is behind
your struggle. You are the pride of Muslims everywhere. We
get our strength and inspiration from seeing your resistance
to this brutal occupation. Know also that this occupation
will end, victory will be yours. Allah tells us in the Holy
Quran 3:160 that if Allah assist you, then there is none
that can overcome you. We saw the enemy humiliated and
defeated at the hands of Hizbullah, and inshallah very soon
it will be your turn to deliver their defeat..."

Requests have poured in from people asking permission to
duplicate our boycott leaflet in the thousands for
distributing them at Mosques, Universities and

Our sites bandwidth usage has gone through the ceiling. For
just last week, the logs indicate a record 4.56 million hits
with 22.6 Gb of data being downloaded from our site - all
this in a single week!

The popularity is also reflected in search engine
positioning for our site. Looking at the logs to see how
people had found our site (referral) we were quiet suprised:

One person had typed "highstreet store websites" in
freeserve search engine and it had returned our "Boycott
Marks & Spencers" page as fourth on the list of most
relevant, which he/she then selected!

Another person typed "Boss men s underwear" in the french
search engine Recherche and it returned our "Boycott Delta
Galil" page as first on the list. Similarly someone visited
our site ("Boycott Sara Lee" page) after searching for "kiwi
athletic shoe care" in Google (Brazil).

All this popularity is not a reflection on our site or in
anything that we have done, but rather the love of Al Quds
that is at the heart of every Muslim, and the desire to see
justice and an end to oppression in Palestine that resonates
in the hearts of every moral being on this planet.

Unfortunately not everyone is moral. As soon as we launched
the campaign we became the target of the zionists thugs. It
started with a campaign of hate mails and virus attacks.

Then they threatened our hosting company, demanding they
pull our site stating it was anti-Semitic. After submitting
our site to netwatch, a UK organization which vets websites
for inappropriate or illegal content, and receiving a clear
sign that there is nothing illegal or racist on our website,
our hosts endured the continued hate mails.

We then started receiving hate telephone calls and the
police were called in when a mother was threatened over the
telephone with

"I know this is your address and that you are alone at home
with a child..".

Finally on Monday 22 April, around 2:30pm our website was
closed down, our right to express our view was trampled on
- we were silenced.

Our host company explained that they had received threats
and were tipped off by "a reliable source in the industry"
against an imminent attack on their servers. They reasoned
that if their servers were attacked they stood a good
chance of going out of business overnight. They have 25
employees to support as well as their other clients websites
to protect. They said that the decision to pull our site was
not an easy one for them as they believe in the ethos of
free speech on the internet. They explained that even their
bandwidth provider had been threatened and that they had to
send a formal email to them confirming that our site was no
longer available.

Currently we are still off-line, but inshallah within the
next few days we should be operational once again.

Our message to the zionist thugs out there is that your
tactics of terror will not succeed either in Palestine or in
cyberspace. If our site is closed down again, we will simply
re-open else where with added vigour. We will not submit to
your oppression, to do so would be to deny our faith and our
belief in Allah.


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