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Zaid Hamid

Few months ago we did a CIA threat part 1 and later part 2. We discuss here all the issues faced by Pakistan.

Current strategic analysis today.

This is an extremely sensitive issue and we will discuss this carefully. To understand what Pakistan is going through, we need to look at Yugoslavia during Tito's era. The Americans decided that Yugoslavia would be broken up. CIA wants to implement the same strategy in Pakistan.

After Tito died, a weak and incompetent government was brought into power. The government was bought out by the CIA. The first thing that they did was to stop funds for law and order in the various provinces. This creates chaos and militancy. Secondly, they started creating talk of provincial autonomy. When the central government is weak and there is no funds for law and order and there is talk of autonomy, the country would automatically start to break.

Another aspect was that the economy was broken, creating economic problems. As a result, another issue combined, the militias of each of the separate province. This created a war against each province. As a result, a proxy war started with Russia supporting the Serbians, the USA supporting Croatians and Bosnians.

The CIA is implementing this textbook tactic against Pakistan. Now there is maximum threat on the country with India threatening from the East, US forces are on the Western front, and now they are planning to put their troops inside Pakistan. And there are two carrier groups that are there to capture Gwadar and attempt to connect with their forces in Helmand in case their supply lines are threatened.

In this situation, when there is an incompetent government that has done nothing to counter these movies, the government is looking to create provincial autonomy. While provincial autonomy is a good thing when the center is not weak and the country is not under threat. However, in this situation, implementing provincial autonomy is being implemented for other purposes.

Further, on multiple axis, militancies are being supported in NWFP, Baluchistan and Sindh. This is exactly similar to what was done to Yugoslavia. Just as Yugoslavia stopped law and order funds to the provinces, funding for police and paramilitary funds have been stopped. This is for the first time that frontier forces are having to be funded by the Pakistan Army. This is again exactly like what was done in Yugoslavia.

The problem is Swat is also being worked upon. It is being said that Swat is not in our control but this is a lie, the city and valley are under our control and the problem is of law and order. Again, if funds are not available, if there is no paramilitary, if there is no force to fight there then how can the situation improve? Why isn't there an order by the government to deal with this?

There is no reason to fear, we just have to deal with this challenge and situation. However, we have little time. India is waiting for the US to attack Pakistan. India is waiting to attack at the opportune time. This is a delicate time for Pakistan. We warn our enemies that we can deal with them.

The government must wake up. This warning is not going to come again and again.

On Prophecies

The Prophet (PBUH) said that a force would capture Hindustan and that this army will return back and attack Israel. There are many hadith. And this is in the future. That those who will fall in these battles will be equal to those in Badr. And this is for our army to achieve. This is our fate. But if we don't fix ourselves, Allah is not dependent on us, He will destroy us and raise another nation that would do what is fated. But this is our fate. If we can do this and not falter.

This time is near, we will capture Dehli. This time is near, it can be a day a week or a few years. Now India is supporting insurgency. We tell India clearly that we will deal with them.

There is nothing to fear, that in trial our mettle will be found. There will be casualties and we will be tried just like Iraq and Afghanistan. But Allah will not leave us.

There are three types of people. Firstly there will be those who will fall, and those that will live to see victory and those that will be damned and will die that death of a dog. Pray to Allah that we are in the first two and not the third.

-B. Khan

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