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Iranian Ship Torpedoed and Sunk by US-Israel

An Iranian ship, on its way to Sudan was attacked by Israel/American submarine and sunk. All the crew members on board are reportedly dead.

Such an act is markedly going beyond rhetoric and marks an open act of war. According to sources, "The ship was destroyed at sea near the Sudanese coast," the sources said.

If in fact, an Israeli submarine was used, it either embarked on its mission from the Israeli port of Eirat, or from Israeli naval base in Eritrea.

Eritrea has been in a strategic alliance with Israel and allows Israel free hand in basing its warships there and using its soil for intelligence gathering. Israel has presence on two Eritrean islands: Dahlak and Fatma. Israeli nuclear waste are also transported using these Islands and dumped off the coast of Somalia clandestinely. Israel also has monitoring centers on the Red Sea to oversee the the region as well as monitoring all shipment. The Mossad also maintains a sophisticated station near the Sudanese border.

Major international news outlets are mysteriously not reporting this incident. If a Western ship had been sunk, the reaction would have been catastrophic to any Muslim countries remotely connected.

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