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And let Us Not Forget Palestine

Prose for Palestine
By Anonymous

And let us not forget Palestine. And all the other lands where genocide against Muslims takes place. That the Muslims fighting beyond all hope, who, like a woman being raped, struggles to resist.

But dear Palestine, resistance is futile. What good is that rock or rocket? But they know this. Their arms dangling senselessly and harmlessly. Yet they Resist anyways.

That a rock would not dent the armor of an Israeli tank, that a rocket would not stop the use of White Phosphorus on their population. That terrible new weapons of metal powder cannot be stopped from making handicaps out of all that it touches.

And they know: even if they did not throw that rock or lob that rocket over their prison, that they would be starved of food and medicine. That all hope seems gone, all dignity lost, and there is but darkness in the world, as finally, exhausted, they see the end coming.

Darkness, hunger, cold and despair. Helplessness. And finally, Nothing.

Yet they resist anyways.

Lobbing a few rocks or rockets to signify that their spirit is not crushed. And in this heartbraking state of affairs they hope that someone would come to their aid. But if they could only know that they are not -


That there is a hand that reaches out their outstretched arms. But please, even if you withdraw the arm! Will you not give us at least a hope of an arm? But none comes to their aid.

Brethren Arabs, spectators in their collective rape. Throw them some money! But what is it that you want to rebuild? Tell us, and we will have it sent from America itself. Look how chrisp those petro-dollars are.

Lost limbs and loved ones cannot be rebuilt. Cannot be brought back from the dead.

That last ray of light at the end of a tunnel. And a fresh breeze - is this love? And a whiff of all things good.

And at the end of the tunnel - strength of arms amongst Muslims to fight and remove oppression. Marching in columns, standing tall and strong. And there is no more need to stretch your arms for help, for it has finally arrived!

Vision Without Glasses


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