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Zaid Hamid Article on Urdu News Saudi Arabia

Translation by Qasim Butt

Its imperative to bring the Iqbal philosophy to light.

Pakistan is the Defense, Eminence and honor for whole Muslim world. Zaid Hamid, a defense and strategic analyst, expresses his views in Al-Azizia School in a speech on “Iqbal and Pakistan”.

Arsalan Hashmi (Jaddah): Renowned defense analyst “Zaid Hamid” puts across the importance of promoting Fikr e Iqbal for making Pakistan achieve the goal behind its creation in accomplished form. He stated these words in an address on the topic of “Iqbal aur aaj ka Pakistan” here in Pakistan International School Al-Azizia. The chief guest of this program was Qounsal General Zeghum-ud-Deen Azam. Zaid Hamid further spoke “the true fighter in the way of Allah can neither adopt nor yearn for a military insurgency against the state of Pakistan, whereas the cherished agents of India are busy betraying the people under the disguise of Islam. It is very important to expose these elements. Pakistan came into being as a miracle and it will be protected INSHALLAH with miracles. We made Pakistan with a slogan of “La illaha illallah” and it will be strengthened and realized in the same way as the Kalima completes i.e., with Mohammadur Rasul ul LLah, by implementing and acting out the real way of life as taught by Prophet Pbuh which is mandatory for every Pakistan to struggle for.

He further added “Jews and Hindus are busy in conniving against Muslims of Pakistan, the only Muslim Atomic power, in the same fashion as the Jews used to plot against Muslims in collaboration with infidels of Makah 1400 years back. Philosophy of iqbal guides us to a way in the direction of our goal. Pakistan is the defense, dignity and honor for Muslims. Current circumstances are none but a test and trial for us. Without any doubt, Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiqs are still present between us in great numbers but still we have to remain hopeful rather than being desperate. Luckless are the leaders who were given the chance to rule but they turned their back on this divine system of Islam. History proved the extermination of Communism. Capitalism is also on its last legs. A new morning is near to rise whose glad tidings were given by iqbal”. On a question regarding the style of government he replied “the only way to our survival, subsistence, development and summit is in following the principles of Islam. The fascist authorities always hampered our Pak land to yield its hidden treasures. When Islamic principles will be supreme here in this land, from that day our land will produce and yield its treasures and we will stand as a dignified nation among the nations of world”.

The question answer session continued till late night. In response to one of the questions he told “the situation in Swat is a part of pre-planned plot with a target of maligning the Jihadi elements. With the implementation of Shariah, no other issue remains in the hands of Taliban to slaughter the innocent people”. On the issue of reinstatement of Judges he called it pulling the wool over eyes of people of Pakistan. People of Pakistan have rejected the English Judicial System by majority and as a result government of Pakistan had to re-establish the Shariah Laws and Shariah courts in Sawat and other regions”. Principal AShfaq Memood uttered words of thanks for chief of guest and the audience at the end of this ceremony. Irfan Mohsin conducted the organizing responsibilities of this program.

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23 March 1940 ko humare buzugoun ne yeh fialsa kia keh
Ila Ha Illahah per Pakistan ki tameer karne hai. Inshallah isal 23 March 2010 ko Lahore mein Minar-e-Pakistan per Zaid Hamid sahib ki qayadat mein 70 sal bad pakistan ki tameer Muhammad(saw) Rasool Allah per karain gy. Ap bhi is tarikhi din ka hisa banain. Mazeed tafseel k liay visit krain humari website aur apne comments send krain..... Shukira

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