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Mike Morgan Exposes Goldman Sachs

By Meinhaj Hussain

Ever wondered how Zionists seem to control money? As a Financial Analyst by trade and having worked in the US, there have been a few rare times that I could get a glimpse of how they operate. The intricacies and murky shadows in the world of banking hang like heavy fog over the people's perception of truth and reality.

Yet, the traces are certainly there. If we look back, Israel took a lot of financing to create, the Balfour Declaration was intricately linked to Jewish banking. Rothschilds, amongst other Jewish banking operations played open and direct roles in creating Israel so much so that a Rothschild was declared "Father of the Settlement" and his bust can be found on Israeli coins. If we are to eventually defeat the Zionists, we'll have to follow the money trail, for without financing, Israel would not be sustainable.

Jewish bankers, who control America's money, do so in sinister ways and leave traces that can be followed. We are today at a point were banking is being consolidated to even more sinister depths. From the present financial collapse, Goldman Sachs stands victorious over the ashes of its rivals. How it got where it is today, is controversial and sleazy to those who have the time to dig deeper.

Mike Morgan is someone who has been digging deeper.

Goldman Sachs represents what Mike Morgan calls the Prince of Darkness and he exposes how this firm (along with its peers) manipulates government, banking and the stock market. If you want a quick background on the fundamental manner in which banking exploits the public before reading further, look here.

Mike Morgan's site, represents a key resource for those who do understand something about the financial industry and who want to know how Goldman Sachs operates and how far its influence goes. You will find that that Goldman Sach's minions virtually control the Treasury and have done so for decades. You will find that Goldman Sachs plays a role not only in the US but worldwide in surprisingly sensitive nerve-centers of the global financial system. You will find details and facts presented in a clear and concise manner.

Mike is being targeted by Goldman Sachs legally to shut him up. Unfortunately for Goldman Sachs, Mike's fighting back and there are hundreds of people now lined up along with him supporting his effort. This is interesting and surprising, from a personal Muslim perspective, to see that some Americans appear to understand the problem and are willing to put themselves on the line to win back their country. Lets see how far they go.

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Anonymous said...

I as an American, also want to help the Palestians get back their country too. If you look at what 2 countries have the highest jewish populations, US and occupied Palestine(aka israel), you'll also see that these 2 countries also have or cause the most problems.

M. Hussain said...

Sallam (peace), glad to hear that. I hope and pray that you can make a difference and may Allah (God) guide you.

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