In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
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Open Letter to Yusha Evans

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Dear Yusha Evans,

Assalam-alaikum. I am a Muslim who is striving to work in the way of Allah in whatever way I can. I am writing to you because I believe that you may be interested in what I am attempting to achieve. In fact, when I first saw one of your videos, I instinctively knew that you were the right person, a belief that was confirmed when I attended your lecture in Silver Spring, Maryland on the February the 3rd, 2009.

I believe that there is no need to be an apologist and that Islam is not merely a passive religion that we keep in our personal lives. That for every Muslim, there is a political component and where appropriate, even a military component in the way of Islam. This is particularly true when we see oppression against Muslims. In such circumstances, a true Muslim is not only a passive preacher but has to have a more holistic approach to life. And this is reflected in the life of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions.

As a Muslim, it is my primary purpose to worship Allah and Him alone. This very letter that I am writing to you is, for me at least, is one of the ways I am worshiping Him. In my heart I believe that it is vitally important, and while I may or may not convince you (as only Allah can guide you, I can only bring something to you attention), I will attempt my best to explain.

Today, Islam is being attacked, Muslims are being persecuted, and it is vital as Muslims for us to defend Islam. But most Muslims feel helpless because they see themselves in a Mekkan era; that is, where we are in effect powerless. Those that want to act often feel terrorism is the way, which is wrong and takes them beyond the pale of Islam. So it is either hopelessness or the desperation of terrorism.

But surely, there is a right way, we need to neither be passive, nor go into the evil of terrorism. There is a straight path in this. In one of your lectures, you gave me three beautiful verses from the Quran on what we can do. Shall I give you a way, a beautiful way, that we can begin to save the Islamic world? One, where with one move we could possibly change this Mekkan era to a Medina era? For such a feat, while it may seem as if a mountain impassable, may have hidden paths that can be taken. So as that what may seem impossible at first, Allah may help us get an effective way.

While it is true that little actions from a billion and half people can have enormous impact, little actions must build up to bigger actions. If we look back to the generation of the Prophet (Peace be upon him), we see that they went from little actions to bigger actions, from struggle to greater struggle, and perhaps the greatest of those struggles was soon after when the Prophet (peace be upon him), seemed to have been at his lowest point, and reached Taif. And soon after, the great struggle to move the Muslim community to Yathrib (Medina) from whence the struggle was on its way up to a positive. The Prophet (peace be upon him) strove and increasingly moved up the tempo until we Muslims moved from an era of oppression in Mekkah to an era of strength in Medina. And if we can reach such a point, it would make all else that we do, such as dawah, charity and protecting Muslims across the globe a whole lot easier.

The crux of my argument is, that this move to a Medina era is possible and there is a somewhat simple way to bring this about.

Imagine, imagine if we had an Islamic state that was not Wahhabi, not extremist, not secular, nor controlled by the US, how much more would we be able to achieve? While it is vital to preach to non-Muslims, if we can find a possible way to create an Islamic state, that struggle should theoretically be of highest priority. I say this because, such a state would enable a far greater scale of dawah, charity and jihad. A nation state would galvanize us, synergize our efforts, and unite us in our will and resolve.

So what is the problem? There are so many Muslims, and so many professedly Muslim countries, why isn't there an Islamic state? Or is that merely my presupposition? I say that there is no Islamic state because I do not see any country today that reflects the Islamic state in the spirit of Medina. Or remotely so. Do not get me wrong, I am not asking for an ideal, but a state merely that even approximately can be considered as a Muslim state in the lineage of Medina. That is, a state that practices one of the four accepted Madhabs, a state that's government is not oppressive, and a state that not only provides lip service to Islam but also practices in its laws and policies. A state that is not a client state of the United States.

Now, if we attempted to create such a state at a random location in the Muslim world, and let us suppose, by the Grace of Allah, that we succeeded: it is more likely than not that the United States or Israel or whoever else, would find some pretext to label us terrorists, without evidence or by fabrication. We have seen this in Somalia recently as well as many times elsewhere. Like ants we would labor away, toiling away at a colony, only to see it destroyed. Clearly, even if such a state can attain massive economies of scale and scope with respect to dawah, aid and a host of other good things, creating such a state seems impossible and hopeless.

But if you bear with my long letter, I promise you that I have a thought that may be worth your time. Or at least an idea that indicates a possibility. Maybe only one shot, but a shot nevertheless. A shot that could change the world for 1.7 billion Muslims. In my eyes it is our best chance.

Please suffer with me to take a step back and look at the historical context. When did Islam start falling behind the West militarily? Amongst other things, with the advent of industrialization that enabled weapons in scale and quality that could not be built previously. Technologies coupled with production enmass that enabled Western armies to overwhelm Muslim ones. The last "Muslim" power that could match the West conventionally was the Ottoman Empire. After this ended, no Muslim country has been able to build or produce weapons that can qualitatively and quantitatively match Western weapons. The arsenals today, whether you look at Saudi Arabia, Eqypt or Syria or any other country are largely from non-Muslim sources. Iran today is somewhat of an exception, as they received massive technologies during the Shah's era but thereafter have been able to merely stay at that technological standard. That is, there weapons are built on (broadly) 1960s-1970s technology and outdated by 21st Century standards.

So, unless we can find a Muslim country that has the industrial capability to withstand the West, even if we somehow with all our effort and toil created a Muslim state, it would either be overwhelmed and destroyed based on one pretext or other. Or like Cuba would become an island of isolation that would have little impact on the world.

There has been no country worldwide where Muslims are the majority where weapons such as tanks, aircraft, ships, etc have been built that could even approximately rival Western weapons. Industrialization has been minimal or virtually non-existent. Or is there such a country? Is there in fact, such a country? Let us pause for a minute.

One Muslim country, without oil and petro-dollars, without a clear plan or even political stability, has somehow almost miraculously achieved this feat: Pakistan. Today, Pakistan can build everything from nuclear warheads to combat aircraft to tanks to cruise missiles and a whole host of other items some of which has not yet been revealed. These are not crude weapons that are "monkey versions" of other weapons, as is the case with Iran. Pakistani nuclear weapons are significantly sophisticated and built on research and investment in-country. Pakistan's Heavy Industries Taxila, can build tanks that incorporate local technologies derived originally from France, Ukraine and China and are competitive in the global arms market. Pakistan has recently opened a production facility for combat aircraft that rival US F-16s. Pakistan is one of 5 powers in the world that produces its own cruise missiles. It is in the process of launching communication satellites that would enable true netcentric warfare. It has ballistic missiles that has a CEP of less than 50m. In simpler words, Pakistan is militarily competent.

Beyond weapons, tactics and training play a key role. Pakistan has one of the world's best trained air forces. While Arab air forces where devastated by Israel, small numbers of Pakistani pilots have held a 4-0 score against Israel on deputation to Jordan, Iraq and Syria . Here is an excerpt of how the US values Pakistani pilots (US Commander during Gulf War I):

On one or two occasions, I had the opportunity to talk with Pakistani instructor pilots, who had served in Iraq. These discussions, didn’t give me great cause to worry. The Russian domination of training prevented the Pakistanis from having any real influence on the Iraqi aircrew training program.

Still, there had to be a few Iraqi pilots, who had observed and listened to their mentors from France and Pakistan and not the useless guidance of their inept leaders. It was those few, I was concerned about - the ones with great situational awareness and good eyesight, who had figured out how to effectively use their aircraft and its weapons to defend their nation.”

(General Chuck Horner (retd) and Tom Clancey. General Chuck commanded the US and allied air assets during Desert shield and desert storm, and was responsible for the design and execution of one of the most devastating air campaigns in the history. He also served as Commander 9th Air Force, Commander US Central Command Air Forces, and Commander in chief, SpaceCom. Book: Every Man A Tiger).

In fact, when on training in the United States, PAF pilots have been assessed to be a shade better than Israeli Air Force pilots they trained with by their USAF IPs (instructor pilots). And Israeli pilots are widely considered "the best in the world". Pakistani armed forces, along with the military-industrial complex and, the incredibly well trained air force today, unlike Arab armies of today or yester-years can match Western military might conventionally. The significance of this can be understood in the context that this has not happened since Ottoman times. Let me reiterate this, this capability has not existed since Ottoman times. How this has come about, is truly miraculous. If you have any insight on Pakistan's political history, there has been little long-term planning and resource allocation. Further, Pakistan is an impoverished country that has far less resources than many other Muslim countries. Yet, incredibly it has come to be.

So we see in the broader picture, a first Muslim state from which a veritable "stand" can be made, possibly since the end of the Ottoman Empire. We see a seemingly resource-less country achieve technological feats far beyond what the massive spending by Arab countries have failed to achieve. We see a military that is trained beyond the pale of a Third World army. I may be a fool, but I do see a miracle in this.

For, as you have said in your lectures, Allah has promised us victory if we strive in His Way. I do not know if you believe in the Mahdi prophecies but if you do, it states that an army is to come from the direction of Khurasan. It would seem, world events are matching Iraq and Afghanistan closely to what has been prophesied, and even if one takes them with a bit of salt, clearly, the possibility exists that this is a critical juncture, and as Muslims we can strive for that possibility. Even if these prophecies are false their mere existence means that we need to guard against the possibility of them being true. Are we as Muslims doing this?

You may be wondering what we can do. The Pakistan Army, the organization that actually runs the show even now can broadly be seen to be split between two groups of people. People who are inclined to stop cooperating with the Americans and go towards an Islamic state, and people who are secular in their outlook and, essentially, weak in their faith. That is, Islam is more of a cultural aspect to them, and their belief in Islam is highly hypocritical. Secularism and pro-Western views are dominant in the Pakistan army, in my view, because of the weakness of faith amongst its officers. They gaze at the might of America and their eyes are stoned with awe. On the other hand, they look at the Al-Qaeda and Taliban and are revolted at the twisted interpretations of our faith. Being stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, they feel there is no way for them but to accept servitude.

Yet, if in some way these officers were to have a stronger belief in Allah, that they could see the glory of Islam. If they could see that they need not fear anyone but Him. And the weakness in their hearts was strengthened. Then, we'd be in "business". The entire political landscape of Pakistan could change. In one move, we could out-maneouvre both the United States and the external enemies of Islam on the one hand, and Al-Qaeda, and all other internal enemies of Islam on the other; exploit the gap between the two perfectly through the middle.

These all sound great on paper. But how do we operationalize these thoughts? Here is my plan on what we can do given the resource constraints we have: Send 3-4 prominent Muslims that are true believers of Islam and practiced in Dawah. We would make an itenerary for one week to gain an audience throughout all the major military centers in the country.

The Pakistan Army would be happy to have such an audience. Targeting 4 cities that hold their major headquarters, if we can convert even a handful of them to belief, the possibility of an Islamic state suddenly becomes from remote to a significant proposal. I understand the Pakistan Army intricately and I can tell you that officers would be most open to have some prominent Muslim converts come and talk to them about Islam. So, getting an opening would not appear to be a problem. There is our chance to give them the message, and that is our work. If it does not sink in to their hearts, then that is a matter between Allah and them. But we'd have given one good shot at virtually changing the political landscape of Islam from the last hundred years.

You may be wondering why you are so important in this mission. When I first saw a video of you, my first thought was how much the way you sat and general manner seemed to me of a military person, even a marine. How clearly you gave the message of Islam. How strong your belief is and how much the "noor" in your face shines out. You have a gift of dawah, and you have reverted many people to Islam. Your qualities make you ideal for this work: You are a very good example of a Muslim, you know how to do dawah, and curiously, you seem to have a military demeanor to you. When I attended one of your lectures in my curiosity, you seemed to confirm my first impression. You are clearly a very great Muslim and blessed for some great purpose. I have done my best to outline the purpose that I see as most vital. I leave it up to you if you pursue it or not. I believe that I have done my part in the way of Allah in conveying you this message, for I neither have the ability, the talent or the resources to get this done myself.

You have said that we must not hold back from asking and giving help. From your lectures, I can glean that you want more than just being a speaker or doing dawah. I may be wrong, but I feel that you are seeking to organize Muslims under more stronger and more coherent lines. You clearly have the talent to do this and it is my duty to help you in any way I can. Whether you take up the task i have outlined above or not, I am truly at your service. I clearly see in you the potential to be a leader of Muslims and I strongly believe that we need to organize better. I share your enthusiasm for action rather than mere words. I exhort you to practice what you preach.

I am willing to do anything, within the boundaries of the law, to help you or work directly for you. This is of vital importance, for our lack of preparation and organization can be directly blamed for every time genocide against us takes place, whether in Bosnia, Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia or wherever. By our inaction we let organizations like Al-Qaeda hijack our platform for purposes that are contrary to Islam. Most vitally, we have one chance now, to get back our glory. This chance will not last, for if events are to run their course, Pakistan may not exist 10 years from now. Between the conspiring Americans, Israelis and Indians, and the Al-Qaeda, TTP and other outfits, unless drastic changes took place in Pakistan, she will not see the light of day but will perish before our eyes.

And what if we lose Pakistan to a balkanized group of states? If we lose Pakistan, let there be no doubt that we Muslims, throughout the world, for generations to come, will be condemned to live in persecution, in injustice and as the lowest class of people in the global village. If Pakistan is destroyed, we may not get another opportunity for at least another 100 years.

Thank you so much for reading this lengthy letter. I hope you consider these thoughts and again, even if you don't, I am still at your service to help you in any way I can.

Yours sincerely,

M. Hussain

Agree with me? What can you do?

Here are the people I believe we need to convince to this cause to make it work:

Contact Yusha Evans to convince him.
Contact Yusuf Estes to convince him
Contact Shiekh Nuh Ha Mim Keller to convince him (
Contact Yusuf Islam to convince him (office"at"
Contact Hamza Yusuf and convince him (hamza.yusuf"at"
Contact Abdur-Raheem Green to convince him (awggreen"at"
Contact Zaid Hamid to convince him (info"at"
Please be mindful not to spam these addresses.

Email me your thoughts on who else we can approach
Email me your ideas (
Do something, anything

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