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US States Seeking Autonomy from Federal Government

by R. Ali

Could the United States be struggling internally?

With the ever increasing burden of the Federal government in the United States combining with the increasing corruption in Washington D.C. and the present economic crisis, some states are formally seeking greater autonomy from the United States federal government under the 10th Ammendment.

New Hampshire, Washington, Montana and Arizona are amongst states that are taking a stand against the unconstitutional growth of the Federal government. Other states are also likely to fall in line as the crisis intensifies. This comes as the Federal government is being increasingly seen by ordinary US citizens as corrupt and controlled by Washington DC lobbyists (including the all powerful AIPAC) and Wallstreet bankers who are pocketing honest taxpayer money to prop up their own agendas.

With small and specific ethno-religious groups playing key roles everywhere from key positions in the mass media, Federal Reserve, Wallstreet, Ivy League schools and Hollywood, the Federal and national government has increasingly alienated common citizens and appear to be rigged. Further, of the two choices present at nationwide elections the the US public, both appear to be in the sway of such forces that, no matter who you vote, the results are the same.

The present crisis appears to emanate from lax regulation created by these interest groups for the benefit of Wallstreet, expeditionary wars for the benefit of Zionist lobbyists and massive bailouts for large banks and companies. The Federal government is rapidly losing its credibility. The immediate backdrop is of California, one of the larger and better funded states, virtually going bankrupt.

The New Hampshire resolution actually threatens considering this constitutional breach as making the constitution null and void and indirectly threatening force to remove the federal government if it does not comply.

Following is the link to the text from the Arizona state legislature:

Following is the text of the Washington state legislature:

Ron Paul and other Libertarians has is also canvassing support for further states to come out in rebellion. Curiously, the mass media does not wish to cover this and the information is only available through alternative channels.

The question for the casual outsider is whether this represents a sign of the empire crumbling from within.

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Anonymous said...

but the US has a powerful military that would crush such rebellion!

JDsg said...

To a degree this is old news. The "States' Rights" issue, as it's known, has been going on for quite some time (it was a political issue back in the '80s when I lived in Arizona). It may have picked up steam recently, but I would expect it to fizzle in time; it seems to be a cyclical issue.

M. Hussain said...

I have my doubts about if this is going to work and agree with JD that its probably going to fizzle out, BUT, its interesting to see that the kind of Americans we read about in history are still alive out there.

Alex Paulsen said...

The US military would get creamed, mostly becuase at least half of the military would go along with the revolt and the rest will be running for their lives.

Alex Paulsen said...

I think the empire will fall apart from the weight of it's own debt and corruption.

There is nothing in DC that we need to live our lives and engage in peaceful commerce with others states and foreign nations.

You'll find that other countries respond to friendly overtures and trade when you are not bombing and invading them.

When - not if but when DC falls, we need to fence it off and turn it into a museum, like what they did with Auschwitz and Lubyanka Prison and other notorious places.

That way it will serve as a lesson to never let a monster like that grow up ever again.

We'll probably want to salt the earth inside the beltway just make sure nothing ever grows up there ever again.

Anonymous said...

In a revolt, the soldiers also become split on loyalty. Soldiers would be battling soldiers. People would have to choose between state or national loyalty.

The assumption that every member of the military would seek to crush civilians lacks historical knowledge.

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