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Anonymous said...

Science and faith are not mutually exclusive. They are entirely different disciplines.

One who is faithful has faith that one has the knowledge of the existence ones God.

Knowledge in science is only as finite as the specific scientific practice requires, but like the infinity between numerals in mathematics, scientists will always be able to dig deeper.

The truce that one day will allow for science and faith to become mutually inclusive should be constantly nurtured.

Faiths practitioners are no more or less passionate that the practitioners of science. Faith is based on the assumption of knowledge, where science assumes knowledge is infinite.

The truce between science and religion can be derived by the rulings of our Justice system, through the mandates of our voting, and through compromises made by the religious elite.

The oppressive excessively religious will always be able to challenge science, simply by giving ID a new name or finding in religious documents contradictions to the teachings of science.

The inveterate of our society come in vicissitudes marked by generations; therefore philosophical changes in society usually happen over centuries.

ApostasyUSA, Oakland CA

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