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Obama Keeps 160 of 250 Bush Appointees - US Public Disillusioned

B. Khan

Obama, the presidential candidate elected on the ticket for "change" now not only wants Gates to stay at the Pentagon, but also wishes to keep a vast majority of Bush's appointees to the Pentagon. 160 of the 250 appointees will keep their place.

Obama, while calling for change in Washington, looks to want to stay the course charted out by George W. Bush, now that he is elected to office. This is in line with his Jewish backers that range from his senior advisors, political backers and major contributors to his political career. Rahm Emmanuel, the soon to be Chief of Staff of the White House is in fact a dual Israeli citizen and the son of a convicted terrorist who was responsible for murdering numerous Palestinians.

It is no wonder that Obama has given Israel his tacit support for attacking Gaza, the walled concentration camp that Israel has been starving and blocking vital medical supplies to for the last 2 years and is presently bombing with full support from the US government.

US citizens, mainly Christian, are increasingly wondering whether they are in fact in control of their country or are being ruled from Tel Aviv. According to one citizen "Joan", they need to liberate their country before their de facto Jewish rulers commit further war crimes in their name. She says that while she voted for Obama, she is disillusioned and feels he has "sold out". Another Christian American from Georgia "Paul" states that the Jewish political control is only matched by Jewish control of Wall Street where they are robbing the American people dry. He states that the present economic crisis is a direct result of this exploitation. His friend "Joe" feels that it is time for the people of America - of all political and racial shades and colors to stop this exploitation and that what the US and Israel are doing should be done "Not in our name!". On further dialogue, it turns out that Joe voted for Bush and "has served". He now feels that he has been betrayed.

This burgeoning sentiment amongst American people, both left-leaning and right-leaning to reclaim their country has been completely black-listed from the major media networks. The reason behind this has not been explained. However, it remains to be seen if enough people are willing to raise their voices, protest and reclaim their country given the label of "antisemitism", strong-arm tactics by the FBI and other paramilitary forces, and jewish outfits like the ADL that will do anything to stop them on their tracks. It is hoped that other non-partisan media companies from the Middle East, Russia, China, Europe and elsewhere pick up on the increasing discontent amongst the US populace, otherwise loyal and patriotic to their country.

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Anonymous said...

This article has struck a cord in me. I have been feeling this way for sometime and I am glad there are other fellow Americans feeling this way. We need to take our country back!

Anonymous said...

where is the change?

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