In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
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The Need For A Unifying Islamic State

In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful

The Need For A Unifying Islamic State

by Meinhaj Hussain

Islam is threatened. From Morocco to Philippines, From Chechnya to Somalia. We are facing internal divisions and external threats that seem beyond our ability to coup. We all know how things stand today. The vivid images of the mass murder in Gaza brings tears to all of our eyes. Yet we need to be strong at this time. Somehow we need to hold our emotions and think clearly to fight back and regain our faith, strength and unity. The perennial question is, what can a Muslim do? Should we live under oppression and endure and hope that Allah will save us somehow? That this is Allah's Will? Islam does not appear to be a passive religion:

And fight them on until there is no more Tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah. but if they cease, Let there be no hostility except to those who practise oppression.
( سورة البقرة , Al-Baqara, Chapter #2, Verse #193)

A doctrine of passivity and fatalism does not seem to hold. If we take this principle of fighting oppression, and we see oppressors in powerful countries like the United States and Israel, which we, as individuals cannot fight, we are faced with a moral quandary. Clearly, as individuals, we are quite helpless today. As individuals we can be locked up, tortured or simply eliminated. But as a people, united in faith to the idea of Islam, we can fight them. To do so, we need our collective strength. We need to be organized. We need to create a movement to establish a Muslim state that can project our collective will.

Yet, if we look at any map, we see a host of Muslim states. One may wonder, why establish one when there are so many that profess to be Muslim states? Is not Saudi Arabia or Iran Muslim states? But what is a Muslim state? The long and short of it is that, today, there is no state that comes towards the ideal of a Muslim state, as was established in Madina. In some ways, Sweden is closer to a Muslim state than most professedly Muslim states.

If we are going to create an Islamic Movement culminating in an Islamic State, where would we create this? As we see, there is no place on earth today were an Islamic state exists, as in the spirit of the state of Madina during the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) time. In my eyes at least, Iran does not seem to reflect the spirit of Madina. Nor is there any other country that does. Perhaps, Southern Lebanon does, but can the Muslims of the world congregate there? Thus, it appears we do not have an Islamic state ready-made for us. We would need to do the hard work, with our sweat and blood, to create this Islamic state and choose a place and country to do this in.

And such a state would need to be established while being besieged by our enemies, countries that today control the world and would do anything to stop us. While our enemies may be too strong, such that if we attempted to, with the Grace of Allah, create an Islamic state, they would do anything and everything to break such a state, then our choice would have to be careful indeed. Would we create an Islamic State only to have it bombed to oblivion on trumped up charges as in Somalia? Further, to fight oppression against Islam, this Islamic state would need to have the wherewithal of doing so. That is, the ability to project conventional military might. There are few countries in the world that have this, given the might of our enemies.

Choosing a location for any Islamic state also has to be understood in the context of the coming of the Mahdi. We don't all agree that this is the time that he will appear. But people generally believe that he will appear soon. Prophecy after prophecy is coming true, and while we cannot agree whether it is tomorrow or 200 years from now, there is clearly at least a possibility that it will be sometime soon. As a Muslim, we must guard against that possibility, particularly since so many of the signs are being rehearsed before us. If we are to locate this Islamic state at a most opportune point regarding the coming of the Mahdi, then our location has to be, in the direction of Khurasan.

Three potential states are found in this direction: Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We know of the struggle in Afghanistan. There is little practicality in attempting to create a viable Islamic state with global reach from Afghanistan. Most of us would not even be able to relocate there. Further, any battle that we fight to win, rather than to irritate, would need industrial strength and a viable state, rather than a guerrilla struggle. This leaves us Iran and Pakistan. If it was Iran from where the struggle was to begin, the Prophet (PBUH) would have stated Persia rather than from the direction of Khurasan. So we end up with Pakistan.

Even if we do not believe in a Muslim revival from the direction of Khurasan as a reliable prophecy, today, the Muslim country with the greatest prospect of being able to challenge Western and Israeli military supremacy is Pakistan. There is no stronger Muslim state, and none that can match the training in air power, the budding industrial-military complex, and the vast potential for future military strength that Pakistan holds.

If we follow this line of reasoning, it brings us to the conclusion that we need to establish an Islamic Movement / State, and that the best location for this is Pakistan.

We already see Allah's blessing upon Pakistan, at least until 2001. A country that has had the same level of corrupt rulers as the rest of the Muslim world, today somehow appears to have nuclear weapons, the finest air force in the Muslim world, and one of the best trained Muslim armies. The most innovative and competent military-industrial complex in the Muslim world that can churn out tanks, cruise missiles, combat aircraft, all of which are globally competitive. Surely there is a miracle in this; A country that is perpetually on the verge of bankruptcy, has not in recent history had laid out long term plans has managed to do what far more resource-rich Muslim countries have failed at. Clearly there is the hand of Allah here in this. And in this is perhaps a sign, but Allah knows best.

There are many in Pakistan who want to establish Pakistan as an Islamic state. Yet, as with operationalizing any idea, there are is a minefield of problems with making Pakistan as THE Islamic state. The problem in establishing an Islamic state come to mind and are as follows:

1. Nobody can agree on what an Islamic state should be

2. That by and large, the people who rule Pakistan pay lip service to Islam while serving Western interests

3. That the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan and other outfits professing to fight the state in the name of Islam are impostors paid by foreign agencies

4. The average Pakistani Muslim's faith is weak and understanding of Islam is second-hand, dependent on what other people tell them it is

People who rule Pakistan pay lip service to Islam: while in their hearts they doubt in putting their well being in the hands of Allah. Instead, they profess a policy where they are actively supporting the United States, acting as the key logistics line, intelligence support and conducting joint military operations. If ever the blessing of Allah is lifted from them, it may be because of this transgression. In essence, putting their faith in the United States over and against what is clearly written in the Quran and Commanded by Allah. In public they will raise the slogan of Islam, to satisfy the masses. However, this is far from their position. Islam is a tool for them to energize the masses when needed (as against India), or a sedative as to show that there are no other options. Hypocrites and disbelievers, no better than any of the governments in the Middle East. So much potential lost in the tragedy they represent.

That the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan and other outfits professing to fight the state in the name of Islam are imposters
: paid by foreign agencies to destabilize Pakistan. The real Taliban in Afghanistan has no connection to them, and in fact, have explicitly asked everyone not to attack the Pakistani state. Composed either of paid thugs or Muslims bought into their propaganda, they are being sustained with immense amounts of financing and arming. They appear to be better armed and funded than the equivalent Pakistani constabulary. The average TTP grunt makes twice the salary of a Pakistani policeman, and is significantly better armed. Clearly not a spontaneous or natural rebellion but a well orchestrated and artificial movement by foreign provocateurs. They are trashing and tainting Islam, and what Islam should mean.

That We Cannot Agree on What an Islamic State Should be

This represents our intellectual weakness. A mental handicap. To even begin to discuss an Islamic state, we need men of learning, not only of the affairs of today's world, but a deep understanding of Islam. I certainly am well short of the type of men we need. However, we can perhaps find a way around this. Perhaps we can define how we can get to a consensus of what an Islamic state should be. We can find true Muslims who meet a high standard of learning and ability, create a council from amongst them, and have them define what an Islamic state should look like. Here is my list of what such Momins would need to meet:

1. Extensive knowledge of Islam, the Quran and Sunnah at the deepest levels.

2. Strong and real Imaan - faith in Allah and not just scholarly knowledge of Islam.

3. Extensive understanding of modern worldly knowledge in areas of Economics, Industry and Technology

4. Active life experience of living and struggling with life

All four points are vital. For each decision maker has to have a internal balance of judgment. One may wonder at the fourth point. It is because we need the common sense that is only instilled when a man faces the real struggle of living. Rather than men living in ivory towers, we need men who have this well grounded common sense. This is clearly a tall order for anyone, for we need momins who has mastered all of these four aspects. Nevertheless, amongst the 1.5 Billion Muslims, we could Insha'Allah find such excellent examples of men.

Perhaps one place to look would be amongst Western converts to Islam. These are people who had the strength of mind, the faith, and the blessing of Allah to find Islam amongst all the misinformation and propaganda against Islam. Most such men and women go on to study Islam in such great depth that they make those of us (including myself) born into the faith embarrassed as to the lack of our knowledge. Their Imaan show in their faces, and the noor in their faces is testament to their belief. Many such men often have prior experience and expertise in modern worldly knowledge.

If we can find two dozen such men, searching every corner of the Islamic world, bringing together the finest Muslims we can find, we could build a council to decide what an Islamic state could be like today. Whether there would be elections. What aspects of Islam will be enforced by the state and what aspects left to the individual to choose to enforce. Whether Ijtehad should be opened since it was closed when Islam was fighting the Mongol hordes. The million other questions that vex us, can be raised. Just as the founders of the United States, a group of the greatest men amongst them established a superior state, we can look to such men to create excellence, in their example of an Islamic state.

Yet, let us come back to Earth for a minute. Before we can build any councils, we must understand that Pakistan has to be won over. We cannot strut into Pakistan tomorrow and inform them that we are creating an Islamic state. It has to be an initiative originating from Pakistan and Pakistanis, the most we can do is attempt to convince them. This has to be not only from the Pakistani public, but more vitally, from within the Pakistani ruling elite. As such, we would need to hope that one of the people I have so liberally labeled as hypocrites agrees with us. Ideally, such a group of renegades and reverts would need to be from the Pakistani military as that is the institution that truly rules Pakistan. Only the Pakistan army can effect such a change, peacefully and without destroying the state.

But if Allah's Will is to happen, if Palestine will in fact be liberated, if we can someday in fact stand up to the United States and Israel conventionally, then the fight begins in Pakistan. Not a fight to overthrow Pakistan, but to win the hearts and minds of the military establishment there. That appears to be the only realistic way to reach our goals without spilling Muslim blood and weakening the only Islamic country that can fight and win conventional wars against modern Western armies.

Such a Pakistan, with an influx of highly educated and skilled Muslims from around the globe, will be a far stronger Pakistan than as Pakistan stands today. If it took 5,000 dedicated Jewish Bolsheviks to establish the Soviet Union, and if we could inject 5,000 true Muslims into Pakistan, the possibilities for dramatic changes are endless.

Benefits for Pakistan

The TTP and other parasites will have lost their argument, and as such would become ineffective against such a state. The extremists and misguided Muslims will see the straight path that Pakistan would offer and hopefully see the light. That Muslim politics would move from that which represents a Mekkan era to one that represents the era of Madina - a position of strength rather than being oppressed.

Economically, Pakistan would benefit as well. Pakistan would not face bankruptcy, as skilled Muslim merchant immigrants from around the world would provide that vital link that the Pakistani economy lacks - link to foreign markets and technology.

Clearly, there would be many benefits to Pakistan. But the biggest benefit would be to live in obedience of Allah, and to fear Him and Him alone, for He is our Maker, our Sustainer and there is nobody that can compare with Him. That as long as we fear the United States more, or even pursue a policy of Pakistan First, we are moving away from this fundamental principal of Islam and going towards kufr and shirk. There is nothing more important than to obey Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. And if you have faith, there is no one else you need fear.

146 How many of the prophets fought (in Allah.s way), and with them (fought) Large bands of godly men? but they never lost heart if they met with disaster in Allah.s way, nor did they weaken (in will) nor give in. And Allah Loves those who are firm and steadfast.
147 All that they said was: "Our Lord! Forgive us our sins and anything We may have done that transgressed our duty: Establish our feet firmly, and help us against those that resist Faith."
148 And Allah gave them a reward in this world, and the excellent reward of the Hereafter. For Allah Loveth those who do good.
149 O ye who believe! If ye obey the Unbelievers, they will drive you back on your heels, and ye will turn back (from Faith) to your own loss.
150 Nay, Allah is your protector, and He is the best of helpers.

AL Quran, The Family of Imran, versus 146-150

IF you read this article and agree with me, please join me in making this possible. There is nothing I would not do to help establish a Muslim State, within the boundaries of the laws of the state I live in. There is little I can think of which is more urgent and important to the Muslim world.

Agree with me? What can you do?

Here are the people I believe we need to convince to this cause to make it work:

Contact Yusha Evans to convince him.
Contact Yusuf Estes to convince him
Contact Shiekh Nuh Ha Mim Keller to convince him (
Contact Yusuf Islam to convince him (office"at"
Contact Hamza Yusuf and convince him (hamza.yusuf"at"
Contact Abdur-Raheem Green to convince him (awggreen"at"
Contact Zaid Hamid to convince him (info"at"
Please be mindful not to spam these addresses.

Email me your thoughts on who else we can approach
Email me your ideas (
Do something, anything

(this list will be constantly updated)
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Anonymous said...

Abee grande strategy tere gand me dal. Chal, ab chill mar, aur biryani kha. Tere jaise strategist ho to is duniya me shanti bani rahege, to itna bevakuuf hai

Anonymous said...

Selam brother. Thank you for your insight. I just wanted to inform you of a movement that is grassroots and has looked into this topic with laser precision. If you go to www. khilafah .com you will see one of the most active group of individuals that have been working for half a century now.

JDsg said...

I agree with your general sentiment, although I'm not sure if we would agree right now as to the methodology; you might find the last two paragraphs of an old blog post of mine to be of interest.

Alex said...

Mate, I understand how difficult it is for you to be a part of a false religion; I understand how difficult it is to say 'no' when you were brainwashed into this ideology, which goes against the will of real and only God – God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and Moses, God Who in His great love sent Jesus to pay the price for human sins. I very much regret that you have been caught by evil forces of this religion and now fanatically dreaming to extend them further and further. You need people to pray for you and God’s mercy to escape from this demonization. But will you accept that?! Or will you use again your aggression and hatred, i.e. the real face of your ideology?

Ghulam said...


Absolute nonsense brother. You can't decide who is a better Muslim and who isn't. You can't say that Islam is abolute and total and then add ... Military Industrial Complex and Western Secular knowledge will help. If you believe in absolutes, you mustn't be a hypocrite living with one foot grounded in material scientific knowledge. The struggle for justice and democracy and human rights are the only salvatio for this Ummah because they conform with all the ethics of Quraan and Sunnah and are further not theologically hypocritical or backward.

Abdullah said...

Iran and saudia are not islamic state they empliment islam in some sections but not whole
only khilafah will an islamic state which empliment islam internally & externally and all section of the state and will unite all muslim lands. O' Armies of of muslims Help the Hizb ut tahrir for re-establishing khilafah.she know as well how to run khilafah islamic state.

moaaz said...

Only Khilafah is solution For is matter of life & death.

M. Hussain said...

To the Second post from the top:
Wsallam and thank you for your post. I don't know about this Khalifah movement. I checked out the site and it doesn't seem to show what the election / political system would actually be. From an overview of the site, it appears (And I may be wrong here) that it wants to re-establish the Ottoman empire. Need I say that the Ottoman empire was not exactly a very Islamic entity? I think we need to look back further and we need true scholars (of which I am not one) to decide. And we also need to create a Dawa or preaching movement to convince Pakistani decision makers. For the latter we'll need to get some true Muslims, converts who are in some way well known and could gain audience with the powers that be.

To JD:

I like your blog post and agree that the Khalifah movement would not make sense to re-enact. However, I must say i will have to politely disagree with creating a European Union. I think its a wonderful idea but there has to first be a group of Islamic states. There isn't any today. Its garbage in garbage out. Once one islamic state is created, we can work to build other islamic states and perhaps link them by using a EU framework.

JDsg said...

Once one islamic state is created, we can work to build other islamic states and perhaps link them by using a EU framework.

I'm fine with your sentiment, but I say start with what you have, even if it doesn't meet your ideal. We can work toward the ideal as time goes on.

M. Hussain said...

I agree with you to some extent, JD. You misunderstand me, I am not looking for an ideal state, merely one that is even approximately Islamic. Heck, I'd settle for one that can be given the benefit of the doubt of being Islamic.

Haroon Bux said...

Salams br M.Hussain,

Appreciate your efforts for this vital objective/obligation. Regarding the method to achieve this noble objective, it has to come from the example of Rasul(saw). Now ijtehad(Islamic opinion) is required on the matter. Hizb ut-Tahrir has done ijtehad on this issue and it details the method/pre-requisites.

Al Dawah ilul Islam by Sheikh Ahmad Mahmoud:

Brief outline of our method:

You mentioned:
"I checked out the site and it doesn't seem to show what the election / political system would actually be."

The method to appoint a Khaleefah:


You mentioned:
"From an overview of the site, it appears (And I may be wrong here) that it wants to re-establish the Ottoman empire."

What type of Islamic State we are trying to establish? its not ottoman empire but Islamic Khilafah system which Rasul(saw) implemented in Madinah. Thats the only model allowed for us to follow.

Websites you can peruse are the following:

haroon bux

Anonymous said...

muhamad ki ma ki chut me pissu aa ke muut gaya. muhammad apne baap ka lund kat ke laya our tel lagakar apni maa ke bund me dalna chaha. lekin tel ke karan bap ka lund uske apne gand me ghus gaya. isliye muhammad ne bola machodo ke jhat ke baal ki khalo apne lund kaat dalo nehi to woh ek dusre ke bund me ghus jayenge. iske baad gusse ke maare muhammad ne apni maa ke saare chedo ko suaro se chudwaya aur duniya ko bola 'aurat haram hai' phir woh bhaga bhaga gaya aur apne behen ke lund ko katkar uski gand maar dali. alas husein alas. isliye muhammad ne moharram manaya. uski gaand jaise phati thi waise use sabki pharni thi. isliye mochi aur muslim ka choli daman ka saath hai. phatne ke baad koi to gaand siye. are suar ke lund ki paidaish ko khali bund me laath chahiye. unke haram aurato ke chuut mein ita rakh ke hag do. muhamad matherchod allah ki gaand dhone jannat bhag gaya. usne apna lund nahi kata waha woh khuda ki ma chod raha hai. idhar duniya me jitne chutlim rah gaye woh ekdusre ki gand marne lage aur jisko maja aaya uski gaand dhone bhi lage. mullah maderchod gand dhobi ka neta nikla. usne saari aurto ki bund chodi lekin jab tak lund katneko namile tab tak maja kaha. hijab ke niche woh chudi aurate apni bund silti phirti hai. ekdin saari aurate milke allah ki gaand maar dalenge apni haato se woh bhi bina tel lagaye. tub saare mussale katlunde matherchod ke gaand ke boo ki maa ka bhosro ko gaand silne ke liye jannat bulaya jayega. fuck what a life . kya yaar tum logo ke lund me itna bhi control nahi hai. kis baat se darte ho. kya yehi ki apna lund apne gand me na ghus jaye.

Anonymous said...

listen hindu guy...shanti hum phir se cheen leingey lol

Anonymous said...

jab arguments na hoon tu gaali se baat hoti hey....

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