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India Refuses to Hand Evidence to Interpol

M. Hussain

Interpol Secretary General, Ronald Noble has stated that India has refused to share India's so-called incriminating evidence against Pakistan concerning the recent Mumbai terrorist attack.
This statement was made by the Secretary General after talks with Pakistani government officials in Islamabad.

"To date, India's government has not authorised India's police agencies to enter any data relating to the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai into Interpol's databases," A Noble told a joint press conference.

India has also not given any evidence to Pakistan and continues to demand Pakistan hand over suspects while threatening to attack Pakistani targets if refused.

India claims the gunmen were trained and equipped by a terrorist outfit in Pakistan. Pakistan has already cracked down on the group but India considers this as "not enough".

The Interpol Secretary General on the other hand has stated that Pakistan had been "among the most active contributors" to Interpol's efforts and that Pakistani officials are "willing to cooperate via Interpol to help India further its investigation."

"We are prepared to cooperate with India but they have to bring us evidence" states a Pakistani government official.

Meanwhile, United Nations officials have stated that Pakistan has “satisfactorily complied” with the UN’s sanctions on terrorist groups. Richard Barrett, Coordinator of the Security Council established al-Qaeda and Taliban Sanctions Monitoring Committee, has categorically stated that the UN has found all Pakistani agencies were cooperative.

“I found in all my dealings with officials in Pakistan, whether it’s the government, elected officials, ministries or the intelligence services or the Army, and we deal with all of those bodies I found very good atmosphere of cooperation between them as well as with us,” Barrett stated in a news conference.

Pakistan and India are on the brink of war with the armed forces on both sides at the brink of war. There is a massive buildup of forces and combat aircraft are frequenting the skies, particularly in the border regions.

In case of war, the conflict could easily turn nuclear. According to sources in India, India hopes to regain its prestige after the Mumbai attacks and also feels that this is the last chance she will get before Pakistani defenses become impregnable in 2009, as the Pakistan Air Force modernizes.

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