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Indian Fighter Planes Violate Pakistani Airspace

By M. Hussain

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has violated Pakistani airspace and were intercepted by the Pakistan Air Force. The incidence took place on the 13th of December, at midnight. The military establishment in Pakistan is considering this to be a serious violation and PAF air bases are on full alert.

This represents a series of provocations that could easily go out of hand and lead to war, which could as easily go nuclear. This therefore represents a very dangerous situation for not only India and Pakistan, but for the international community.

2 Indian Su-30 MkI ingressed in the Lahore sector, Pakistan's second most important city after Karachi. 3 Indian Mirage 2000H ingressed in the Kashmir sector. The Su-30 Mki "FLANKER" were intercepted by 3 F-16s and 3 F-7 combat aircraft from the Pakistan Air Force, while the Mirage 2000Hs were intercepted by 2 F-16s and 2 Mirage IIIs. The intercepts were made within 4 miles of entering Pakistani territory, and the intruders were escorted out of Pakistani airspace. According to the PAF, the Indian aircraft were fully armed.

The Indians are in violation of agreements to not send combat aircraft within 10 km of their own boundaries. The simultaneous nature of the intrusion, in the middle of the night, being fully armed clearly indicates it was no mistake, and is replicative of Israeli tactics with Syria.

The Indian Air Force may use this opportunity to gather EW and radar signatures as well as measure the intercept response time and location. They may seek out information on new assets added by the Pakistani side, such as the TPS-77 radars. Both the Su-30 Mk I and the Mirage-2000Hs are equiped with EW equipment that could be used for such a purpose.

Such tactics were used by Israel to test Syrian defenses before successfully taking them on. As such, Israeli involvement, perhaps due to the death of Israeli citizens in Mumbai, is highly suspected. While Pakistan thus far has been passive against Israel, this is likely to effect Pakistani policies against Israel in the near future.

India has a small window of opportunity to attack Pakistan, given that by the end of 2009, the Pakistan Air Force would have modernized and rearmed beyond the Indian Air Force's ability to maintain an edge. By 2009, new F-16s, J-10s from China, and local production of the JF-17s would eliminate any edge India has had in the past. It is likely that because of the seriousness of the present airspace violations, J-10s will be expedited to the PAF by China.

The response from the Government of Pakistan has been to contradict the Pakistan Air Force and state that this was, in essence a mistake from the Indian side. This illustrates the nature of the government which has thus far been more anti-Pakistan Military and pro-Western than any government in the past.

The Information Minister, Sherry Rehman, claimed that it was a mistake from the Indian side, which directly contradicts the PAF, and one may add, logic. In a joint press conference with the British PM, Zardari echoed this response and said Indian violation was a technical fault of IAF. While PAF denies that it was fault.

There is brewing anger in the street at the response from the government and its active attempt to sabotage Pakistan's sovereignty and support for the military. It is not unlikely that the government will be replaced, possibly by the military given its handling of the economy and international affairs, bringing Pakistan to a crisis. However, how soon is the question.

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Anonymous said...

i've read a few of your articles and you seem to know your stuff, which is why i was wondering how many jf-17s have been delivered to pakistan yet. wikipedia is outdated on this one, saying that there are only 2 in service. also, do you know how many j-10s the PAF is seeking to acquire and by when?

Anonymous said...

well i would like to inform that paf is not capable of tackling idian air raids at any cost. paf is a complete looooooooooooser.pakistanis are damn things.they r idiots

Anonymous said...

haha, that wasn't the case in '65 or '71. three to one kill ratio in favour of the paf despite being outnumbered four to one.

Anonymous said...

HAHA,,,but the case is that both the times there was tangible loss from pak's side....HAHA

Anonymous said...

of course the paf suffered losses, it was a war. the funny thing is that the iaf got their asses whooped in the sky by a much smaller force. don't take my word for it:

Anonymous said...

"The Pakistan Air Force, however, emerged with great credit from its conflict with the Indian Air Force, destroying 22 IAF aircraft in air-to-air combat for the loss of only eight of its own - a remarkable achievement considering that the PAF faced odds of nearly four to one." - Anthoney Robinson, former staff of the RAF Museum

"Fighting lasted little more than two weeks, but during that time, Pakistan gained a definite ascendancy in the air." - Christopher Sivores, author of Air Aces

"The first Indian regiment that found itself face to face with Pakistanis didn’t get clobbered, they just turned and ran, leving all of their equipment, artillery supplies and even extra clothing and supplies money would be on the Pakistan side." - American Broadcasting Corporation reporter Roy Maloni

"India is being soundly beaten by a nation which is outnumbered by a four and a half to one in population and three to one three to one in size of armed forces." - Sunday Times, London, September 19, 1965

"India is claiming all out victory. I have not been able to find any trace of it...If the Indian Air Force is so victorious, why has it not tried to halt this [flow of Pakistani offensives]?. The answer is that it has been knocked from the skies by Pakistani planes." - American Broadcasting Corporation reporter Roy Maloni

"Pakistan morally and even physically won the air battle against immense odds." - The Guardian, London, September 24, 1965

"By the end of the week, in fact, it was clear that the Pakistanis were more than holding their own." - Newsweek, September 20, 1965

"there is little doubt but that the Pakistanis will lick the Indians in the long run, despite the fact that the Indian army outnumbers the Pakistan army four to one." - Top of the News, Washington, September 6-10, 1965

Anonymous said...

hai, this is not true the western nation cooked this story for favoring western armed manufacturer.india proved russian made arms are superior than western nation

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