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Mumbai Attaks - Key Knowns

• The attackers came by sea in inflatable boats.Landed in Koliwada, a fishermen’s colony in Colaba with large bags of ammunition and supplies.
• They spread out in sets of two’s
• Attackers attacked hotels, hospitals, cinema halls, railway stations starting 10PM on Wednesday, 27th November.
• Blown up a petrol pump in Colaba
• Attackers hijacked a police van, Qualis, blew up a petrol pump in Colaba
• They are currently residing in Hotel Oberoi and Hotel Taj mahal where they hare holding hostages
• They are using assault rifles, machine guns, grenades and other explosives.
• They seem to be targeting Americans and Britons and not other nationalities
• Taj Hotel is on fire
• A large number of people have been evacuated from the hotels
• The train station (VT station) was attacked and passengers shot (Platform 1 and 4)
• Cafe Leopold (a popular cafe frequented by foreigners) was also attacked.
• More then 700 injured and 100+ killed, 11 policemen killed (including senior officers), 5 terrorists killed
• the stock market, many businesses, schools & colleges are closed today, international cricket matches canceled (English team heading home)
• The Indian army has been called in after police and others have been ineffective
• Reports (likely propaganda) that the "mother ship" is from Karachi, Pakistan and is headed in that direction.

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