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A Day To Remember

By M. Hussain

The spirit yesterday was incredible and wass highly infectious. Yes, I do not support Obama, but given this victory and the immense unity it has created amongst the different races and cultures, I cannot but help admire what a great nation America has transformed itself, at least in hope. Does the world hate America? No! And we saw this today. We do not like what they have been doing to the world for the past years but we join them in the hope that Obama can make a difference.

Divisive, Machiavellian politics, has been defeated. The American people have shown themselves to not be a myopic and racist people and the impact of this will last through the ages. Yes, they say, the Empire can be broken from within and the Republic brought back. And I join them to say "Yes, you can". I hope you can. I - we - wish you the best in trying.

Yet, the pessimist in me still believes that such tales are not for our time. That perhaps Obama will be good to America but yet as bad as the Neo-Cons has been to the rest of us. This is our fear. For Obama has no electorate outside of Americans. He also has to go out of the way to prove he has no love for Muslims - to show that he is not "one of them".

Yet, let us say that it gives us hope, for at least there is a chance - no matter how small that yesterday was a day to remember - not only for Americans but for the rest of the world.

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