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An Open Letter to America

Dear America,

I am not some angry crazy guy, just someone who wants to explain to you that your actions - or choice not to act - have consequences. Since the 1940s, the US has helped Israel murder, pillage and ethnically erase Palestinians. We Muslims implored, begged, did anything and everything non-violent in the planet for you to stop. Without your Support, Israel would not have had the resources to do what it has done and continues to do today.

You did not hear our pleas. To get you attention, Palestinians "invented" hijacking airplanes. This is not something written in our holy books to do, its something that these fellows did out of desperation.

You are directly responsible for this ethnic cleansing of Palestine. You are responsible for creating a present Empire far outstripping the Roman and British Empires - in terms of bases abroad, both these previous empires had about 300, today the US has over 700 massive bases, many of them are like small cities onto themselves. You are using our money to do all this; by making us agree to accept the Dollar as the world currency in the Bretton Woods agreements based on guarantees to link it with gold and then reneging on that promise you can now print money and buy our hard earned sweat and blood for fiat paper. Then you are using this for murdering us.

You have been doing this for a long time now, only now are we trying to fight back because we cannot take it any more. When you murder us using direct US military forces or via the CIA (a terrorist organization if there ever was one), you are directly responsible. And you cannot say that the government does it - You elect governments so you can't just say its the government. Would you not be better of by not being "Great" but "Good"? Would you not be better of spending half the amount you spend on weapons today? Closing half the bases you have abroad? You'd have lower taxes AND better health care AND proper education for your children AND better infrastructure. And most of all, you would have our goodwill, love and respect. Will you please not listen?


-Syed Mahmud Hashem 

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