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The Sword of Allah - Khalid bin Al-Waleed

This is an excellent book written by the late Lieutenant-General A.I. Akram of the Pakistan Army, in October 1969. The online version of the book resided at but more recently this website seems to have been discontinued. Given that the text of this book has been lost to the internet world since then, it has been our project at GrandeStrategy to salvage what could be found of the text online. Thus far we have managed to salvage a good portion of the book. We repost it here. Please note that we are doing this without any financial gain and as a service to all those that seek solace in this book from today's dark times, when the Islamic world lies in shambles, and news from Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Chechnya and Kashmir are heartbreaking and shameful. In such times this book reminds us of how glorious we once were, and perhaps how someday we can be again.

The Sword of Allah: Khalid bin Al-Waleed, His Life and Campaigns

Part I: In the Time of the Prophet (SAWS)
Part II: The Campaign of the Apostasy
Part III: The Invasion of Iraq

The book can also be downloaded here. Credit to curator123 and the blog
The sword of the Sword of Allah, Khalid bin Waleed

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Anonymous said...

Excellent book! Thanks for posting this online.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those who posting this online especially at khalid al-walid site!

curator123 said...


here is the link to complete this book on this blog.


curator123 said...

curator123 said...

M.Hussain said...

Thanks curator123!

yalumni said...

Alhamdulillah! This book has been reprinted!

I bought it 2 weeks ago at Madinah Hotel, in front of Masjidil Haram. The shop detail as follows :

Dawah Corner Book Shop
Makkah Commercial Centre, 2nd Floor,
Shop No. 201 Makkah,

Malachi, First Minister of The American Muslim Temple said...

Excellent book! A collector's treasure. Is the Meccan copy in English or Arabiyyah? What's the cost in U. S. dollars?

Anonymous said...

where can i buy dis book....???please email me :

Anonymous said...

Parts 1 and 2 of the book have been translated into Kiswahili (Swahili language). The translation is available free at . For more information email to

Anonymous said...

The Kiswahili translation is available at www dot vitabu dot org.

Anonymous said...

thanks alot brother i was in search of such book. Since i just read سیرت النبی and than i wanted to know more about Khalid Ben Waleed. May allah give you the reward.

Anonymous said...

This book is very interesting thanks for sharing on the net!

Anonymous said...

Islam is really a brutal word view. Just reading the explanation, why it was justified to attack Persia (chapter18): "Islam is a religion of peace, but not the peace of the timid and the submissive. It believes in peace, but the peace of the just and strong. "Fight in the way of Allah", says the Quran, "against those who fight you, but do not transgress." [Quran 2:190]… "And fight them until mischief is no more and religion is all for Allah."[Quran 8:39]. And so it would be war with the fire-worshipping Persians."
shows that the statement Islam means peace means acctually the opposite

Anonymous said...

The above provided "download here" link isn't working.. I want to download. What to do now??

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