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Billions in US Aid Wasted?


Surprise...surprise....surprise! U.S. foreign aid money not being used for it's intended purpose. Overcharges. Missing funds.

It seems the U.S. leadership, who couldn't go out and demand Osama's head on a stick paid off the tin pot dictator of Pakistan to fight off the bad guy terrorists. Now, while Pakistan military forces have indeed been doing some hard work, there is a lot of the money that the generous U.S. taxpayer has given out that has gone to not fight terrorists but to pad various pockets and also pay for military improvements to face India.

One of many examples of fraud, waste and abuse:

-The most glaring example of the Coalition Support Funds program’s failure is helicopter maintenance, according to both Pakistani and American officials. In an interview with The New York Times last month, Mr. Musharraf complained specifically that a lack of American spare parts and assistance had handicapped the country’s 20 refurbished Vietnam-era Cobra attack helicopters provided by the United States.

“Ten days back, of 20 Cobra helicopters, we have only one that was serviceable,” he said. “We need more support.”

In interviews, American military officials scoffed at the statement. They said the United States had provided $8 million worth of Cobra parts in the past six months and would provide $4 million to $6 million in parts next year.

In addition, Washington reimbursed Pakistan $55 million for helicopter operation and maintenance costs for an eight-month period in 2007, American officials said. The United States later found out that the army received only $25 million from the Pakistani government for operations and maintenance of their entire national helicopter fleet for the whole of 2007.

American officials said they suspected that Pakistan had been overcharging for helicopter maintenance. Yet at the same time, maintenance of Pakistani helicopters is not being performed.

“Come March or April,” one official said, “I fully expect catastrophic failure of a large part of their helicopter fleet.”-

The generous U.S. taxpayer.

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