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Grande Strategy

About Us

GrandeStrategy Institute is a Muslim think tank providing strategy and analysis from an Islamic perspective. We focus on finding innovative approaches to the emerging challenges of the Islamic world.

We are based online and have members from around the globe.We are not affiliated with any political organizations nor officially support any, although writers and members may hold their own personal opinions.

Our Mission
Today we see a number of key aspects that define the Islamic World. For us at the GrandeStrategy Institute, we find that:
  1. There is a lack of strategic thinking in the Islamic world in general, with short-termism being the sine qua non of our thinking.
  2. There is a huge chasm between those that profess Islam and want an extreme theocracy and those that want a secular state.
  3. That those who understand Islam don't understand Economics, political systems, industry or military affairs, while those that profess Secularism know merely how to (poorly) mimic western nations.
  4. That the importance of a military-industrial complex is not understood. Major weapons systems that define our time, with some exception, are not being manufactured by the Islamic world.
Our mission therefore, is to create a body of knowledge and help bring these issues to the fore, and in some way be a part of bridging these problems and seeing solutions implemented.

It is well known that knowledge is often power, and it is important to be aware first, to make actionable plans second, and then to implement those plans. Our focus at GrandeStrategy is on the first two, and in creating awareness to our audience and to the Islamic world in general.

Plurality of views is an important concept that is often lost: It may be that one of our analysts may come up with a different point of view from the other. We believe that this plurality of views is an important aspect of creating a healthy discussion. We will not try to resolve these conflicts but rather report them and let the audience decide what to choose.

GrandeStrategy Staff:

Tariq Mahmood Ashraf
General Analysis

Qasim Butt
General Analyst

Meinhaj Hussain
General Analyst

Majid Mahmood
Director of International Relations & Defense Studies

Rajab Vaughan
Political Analyst

Jawad Qamar
Defense Analyst

Joshim Uddin
London Correspondent

Tyler Westbrook
Director of News & Documentary

Dimas Kusuma
Resident Economist

Junaidy Abidin
Muslim Unity Activist

Ibraheem Johansen
GrandeStrategy Poet

Hudzaifah Shubli
Director of Political Affairs


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Our Work Plan (an unofficial page dedicated to keeping track of our work)

If you like what we are doing and want to contribute, we would be happy to welcome in joining us. We are always looking for help, but please no one-off emails with no-shows.

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