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Xian H-8 Chinese Stealth bomber

Here is a picture and speculation of the Chinese H-8 bomber.

According to the "Fenghuang Tower" (translation error?) the H-8 is reported to start trial flights from January 5th. The Chinese leadership including the Central Military Committee officers, air force logistics department officer, national defense science and industry committee, Xi'an deputy mayor, the provincial party committee assistant deputy secretary, amongst others were present for inaugurating the project.

The H-8 is a secret strategic bomber, is the first stealth plane for China. The report said that, in 1994 officially set up a development to match the American B-2A as far as possible. The weapons load is targeted around 18 tons. When necessity, the bomber may travel at 1.2 Mach to penetrate defended territory or in case it needs to escape.

The bomber will carry a new stealth cruise missile. It also has the range to reach targets on the continental United States. Range is estimated to be up to ten thousand kilometers. It is unclear whether this is with refueling or without refueling. However, the bomber is said to be able to refuel. The aircraft uses domestically produced advanced navigation equipment. The bomber has been designed by the 603 institute, and Xian will be responsible for producing the bomber. The bomber will be the first domestically designed and manufactured strategic bomber.

According to the report, the H-8 uses a high-tech blended wing-body design, has fly-by-wire controls, and an angled fuselage. The wing has massive internal fuel tanks. The aircraft using carbon fiber and other composite materials. The weapons bay has a rotating weapons profile.

The bomber retains a terrain hugging capacity and has a terrain following and mapping radar, satellite data links and advanced digital mapping systems. The bomber also uses advanced stealth technologies including nanometer coating amongst other technologies.

The H-8 will have 4 turbo-fan engines, the core of which is based on the WS-10A. Weapons will include 12 "red birds" (??) or 3 cruise missiles distribute in two weapons bays. Each of the cruise missiles may use a nuclear warhead and can fire from a distance of 3,000 kilometers. It can also use a host of other weapons including laser guided "thunder stone" 6, satellite guidance bomb and anti-ship missile, amongst others.

The H-8 will soon be test flown.

Originally taken and retranslated from Chinese website World Journal.

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