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{{about||information about how to use templates in Wikipedia|Help:Template|the kinds of templates used in Wikipedia|Wikipedia:Template messages}} {{Wiktionary|template}} {{TOCright}} '''Template''' may mean: *a [[stencil]], [[pattern]] or overlay used in graphic arts (drawing, painting, etc) and sewing to replicate letters, shapes or designs *a pre-developed [[page layout]] in electronic or paper media used to make new pages with a similar design, pattern, or style *[[Form letter]], a predefined lettter which retains its primary intent when individually customised with variable data or text. == Computer science and information technology == *[[Template (file format)]], a standardized non-executable file type used by computer software as a pre-formatted example on which to base other files, especially documents *[[Template (programming)]], a tool for generic programming especially in the C++ language *[[Template metaprogramming]], a programming technique used by a compiler to generate temporary source code *[[Template method pattern|Template method]], an [[Object-oriented programming|object-oriented]] [[design pattern]] *[[Template (software engineering)]], any processing element that can be combined with a data model and processed by a template engine to produce a result document *[[Template (word processing)]], a standard document containing layout and styles used to configure [[word processing]] software *[[Style sheet (web development)]] or ''master page'' on which you can globally edit and format graphic elements and text common to each page of a document *[[Web template]], a master page used to produce web pages *[[Bulk templates]], a Set of Templates of a Similar type *A main document from which [[mail merge]] documents are created == Manufacturing == *''Mechanical template'', used to cut and shape a product, such as: **a [[die (manufacturing)]] **a [[Molding (process)|mold]] == Molecular genetics == *a strand of [[DNA]] which sets the genetic sequence of new strands *a strand of [[RNA]] which translates genes into proteins == Miscellaneous == *[[Template (racing)]], a device used in car racing to ensure that the body of the race vehicle adheres to specifications == See also == *[[Template processor]] *[[Web template]] *[[Web template system]] {{disambig}} [[br:Patrom]] [[de:Template]] [[hu:Sablon (egyértelműsítő lap)]] [[nl:Template]] [[ja:テンプレート (曖昧さ回避)]] [[pl:Szablon]] [[ru:Шаблон]] [[scn:Template]] [[zh:模板]]

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