In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
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Letter from a Concerned Citizen to Pakistan Tehrike Insaf


Dear Sir,

I hope you are fine. I am one of the oldest voter of PTI and have been observing the struggle closely all along. 

You would appreciate the fact that other political parties are present since long and have become sort of mafia and therefore it would not be easy to get rid of them or win against them. So overpowering them is not as simple as just outvoting them but we would have to outwit them as well. Attack them instead of just defending and then complaining. Sincerity and hard work need to be supported through smart moves and aggressive strategies.  I hope you understand what I mean.  

I want to suggest something which I think would be key factors in the success of the party.

1-      The Team

Select a team not on reputation but on performance. Only hard working and sincere workers should be made members of core committee responsible for making strategies and selection of candidates for contesting elections. In this regards a close eye should be kept on these members to thwart sabotage efforts from opponents. If you don’t do it now, you will have to do it in future as your opponents are shrewd and corrupt, in all possible ways, to their bones.

2-      Intelligence Wing
PTI should establish an Intelligence Wing which works in a way that it outthinks the rivals. It would gather information about rivals about, like, what they are thinking and planning, ahead of execution of their plans. For this you have to plant your people in their ranks to preempt their moves. You should have inside information to plan ahead.
3-      Separate Strategies for Cities and Rural Areas
We should consider working on the lines of separate strategies for cities and rural areas as both have different dynamics. We should employ our tactics according to the situations instead of plainly getting in to the contests.
4-      Networking Among Those Who Matter

Politics is a game of timely maneuvers and counter maneuvers. You have to hit the base from where the opponents get their strength.  After an event all cries are of no use. What I suggest is that PTI should create good connections among Bureaucracy, Judiciary, Media, Law Enforcement Agencies and so on, as there are always likeminded people around. The skills, to organize them and bring them to a cohesive effort, should be put to use.
5-      Training of Workers Against Rigging

We should also conduct training sessions for the workers who take responsibilities of polling stations at the time of elections. I have felt that our workers lack skills to mobilize voters at the time of voting and it just does not help the cause. They are also not vigilant enough of the wrong doings of the opponents who are very experienced to take advantage of our lack of experience. A prime example is the fact that once PTI tightened their control on Men’s polling stations the opponents shifted their ill efforts to the women’s polling stations….. This however does not mean that PTI has all expertise to effectively oversee the men’s polling stations.
Thanks for your patience.
-Muzaffar Hussain 
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The Salafi Jihadi Problem and the Recent Nouman Ali Khan Debacle


Today I was particularly disappointed seeing a Salafi Jihadi brothr insult and defame a respected scholar of the Quran, Nouman Ali Khan, because, apparently the latter said something against "aqeedah".

You can actually see Nouman's response here:

But the issue is deeper and very troubling. The Jihadi Salafis are now not only killing nonMuslims, or others they deem less Muslim or "Murtad", but now they are killing themselves. They have this attitude were they and their scholars is right, and everyone else is wrong.

Right now, their two fighting arms, Al Qaeda and ISIS are killing each other, calling each other names, because of that same mindset. The extent of the problem can be understood perhaps by noting the above example - Aqeedah, as defined by them, is not written in the Quran - "your Aqeedah is so and so..." does not exist. Nor have I read the Prophet (pbuh) engaging in the same discourse.

On inquiry once, they said a wise scholar came up with the construct, as they define aqeedah today. I don't know how true that is, but what I am sure of is, that this term is derived and not directly mentioned in the Quran. But a whole bunch of other things are constantly mentioned in the Quran, like justice (256 times), compassion, caring for each other, not looking down on others... and many other principles and values. Surprisingly, I rarely find that crowd talking about those.

My own long and colorful interaction with them makes me seriously think that they may not be worshiping Allah but their bearded scholars, and Allah knows best, because they have mixed the opinion of their scholars with the words of Allah. Now, I don't wish to single them out, maybe a lot of us are to some extent or other, but the problem has disastrous results particularly with them.

Until this problem, where much of the Muslim world today (including but not exclusively these Salafis of various sub-types) stop worshiping bearded men (or so it seems to me, Allah knows best), no amount of Al Qaeda or ISIS, blowing up stuff, can restore our honor or grant us victory, and Allah knows best.

Just maybe, Allah will not come to our aid unless we actually worshiped Him. We can't get to that point unless we stopped pointing fingers and started being self-critical. And Allah knows best.

As a someone who has spent 4 years studying Muslim sociology, I know that, we as an Ummah, as a social unit, have lost our social cohesion - our unity. Until we find a meaningful way to reconnect with each other, we can't undo our civilisational disintigration. And Allah knows best.
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