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Syria - the Nazi Connection

M. Hussain

Alois Brunner, died in Syria in 2010

Nazi brutalities during WWII is legendary and in recent years there has been a parallel brutalization in Syria by the Assad/Iran/Hezbollah regime. This begs the question - is there in fact a connection between these too evil regimes? Surprisingly perhaps to some, there in fact is! Syria has been a long-time safe haven for Nazis who have been given residence there and have even drawn salaries from the Syrian Baath Party - the party that presently is the governing power under Assad in Syria. The same party that today uses Nazi tactics against its own people.

In fact, it has only been 6 years since when a notorious Nazi war criminal - Alois Brunner, who was Adolf Eichmann's "best man", died in Syria after a long exile there. He was the right hand man of the man credited to be the chief architect of the supposed 'Holocaust'. Not only did the Nazis thrive in Syria, but they managed to connect with other Nazis worldwide. It is not surprising to note the trade ties between South America, particularly Argentina and Syria. Nor is it surprising that there even have been cultural imports into Syria from South America, Syria and neighboring Lebanon being the only places where Mate, the famous South American tea, has been adopted.

Not only did the Baathists adopt Nazi war criminals, allowing them to thrive and even impact culture, but they also managed to assimilate that same genocidal culture of intolerance, violence and tyranny. With millions of displaced, 800,000+ dead, use of chemical weapons, and every form of atrocities committed, the parallels are widespread. Yet, there is one dissimilarity -  the Nazis were universally reviled, while the world media shuns the atrocities of Assad, the US forces covertly cooperate with them and Europe talks of reconciliation. To the Muslim public, this is amazing. What a great duplicity!

The common Muslim sits stunned wondering at this two-facedness. It seems that justice, humanity and standing against tyranny and evil is only a prerogative of non-Muslims. Muslims, whether in Egypt or elsewhere, do not deserve such things. Yet, God forbid a white Westerner gets kidnapped or killed, the world shouts and screams and it seems the media whips them up into a frenzy. Nay but anything that happens to Muslims, its a blind eye that's turned.

One may wonder - Hitler's and the Nazi's mistake was perhaps not the Holocaust. Europe and the West would have silently looked away had his atrocities been against Muslims. No, their only crime was that instead of Muslims they had dared to harm Jews. For had this regime done a pittance of what its done to a Jewish population, the reaction would have been very different.

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Trump Will Win Wisconsin

M. Hussain

Scrolling through the news, everyone is projecting Trump to lose, on how "bad a week" he is having, and a whole host of things that can broadly be called psychological warfare and Trump bashing. Does the media actually have anything positive to say about a man who is overwhelmingly receiving the popular vote? Clearly, this is non only a question of political pundits living in a bubble, but an issue of media manipulation.

Fact of the matter is, none of the polls are reliably collected and have small sample sizes. Meanwhile, Wisconsin has an open primary and is a heavily Democratic state. Both of these salients indicate Trump would most likely win a tight race in Wisconsin. Given these facts and how hard Trump is campaigning, it is highly likely that Trump will win, no matter who opposes him. There is only so much media manipulation that a country can tolerate.

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