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The Salafi Jihadi Problem and the Recent Nouman Ali Khan Debacle


Today I was particularly disappointed seeing a Salafi Jihadi brothr insult and defame a respected scholar of the Quran, Nouman Ali Khan, because, apparently the latter said something against "aqeedah".

You can actually see Nouman's response here:

But the issue is deeper and very troubling. The Jihadi Salafis are now not only killing nonMuslims, or others they deem less Muslim or "Murtad", but now they are killing themselves. They have this attitude were they and their scholars is right, and everyone else is wrong.

Right now, their two fighting arms, Al Qaeda and ISIS are killing each other, calling each other names, because of that same mindset. The extent of the problem can be understood perhaps by noting the above example - Aqeedah, as defined by them, is not written in the Quran - "your Aqeedah is so and so..." does not exist. Nor have I read the Prophet (pbuh) engaging in the same discourse.

On inquiry once, they said a wise scholar came up with the construct, as they define aqeedah today. I don't know how true that is, but what I am sure of is, that this term is derived and not directly mentioned in the Quran. But a whole bunch of other things are constantly mentioned in the Quran, like justice (256 times), compassion, caring for each other, not looking down on others... and many other principles and values. Surprisingly, I rarely find that crowd talking about those.

My own long and colorful interaction with them makes me seriously think that they may not be worshiping Allah but their bearded scholars, and Allah knows best, because they have mixed the opinion of their scholars with the words of Allah. Now, I don't wish to single them out, maybe a lot of us are to some extent or other, but the problem has disastrous results particularly with them.

Until this problem, where much of the Muslim world today (including but not exclusively these Salafis of various sub-types) stop worshiping bearded men (or so it seems to me, Allah knows best), no amount of Al Qaeda or ISIS, blowing up stuff, can restore our honor or grant us victory, and Allah knows best.

Just maybe, Allah will not come to our aid unless we actually worshiped Him. We can't get to that point unless we stopped pointing fingers and started being self-critical. And Allah knows best.

As a someone who has spent 4 years studying Muslim sociology, I know that, we as an Ummah, as a social unit, have lost our social cohesion - our unity. Until we find a meaningful way to reconnect with each other, we can't undo our civilisational disintigration. And Allah knows best.
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Could Gog & Magog be Underground?

Meinhaj Hussain,

There has been a lot of speculation and theories about where Gog and Magog are and who exactly they are. Some like Sheikh Imran Hosein have stated they are the West. In times gone past, we believed the Mongols could have been. However, there is one possibility that has not quite been visited much; the idea that they could be a civilization underground.

We know that there are two heat sources, the Sun, and the core of this planet. We also know that there is five times more water than all the rivers, lakes, seas and oceans we have above, below somewhere(

So, we have in great abundance below the ground, the two key sources for life, one may say, greater abundance than we have above. Caves that has sustained life, completely disconnected from our world have been discovered in numerous places, with creatures that evolved separately ( Here is a quote from the link:

" Unlike most animals, which depend on the photosynthesis food chain, the newly discovered species live off a completely independent and self-sustaining ecosystem."

Thus far, we have established that the basics for life to exist are available underground and with greater abundance than on the "surface" and that such underground independent ecosystems have actually been discovered, even though mankind has barely managed to go beyond the thin outer crust of this planet.

This thin outer crust is 50 kms thick approximately and we have yet to penetrate it. The planet is 12,742 kms in diameter. This includes water 5 times greater than what we have in the surface. Imagine the vastness of this space. In theory, should there be giant, continent sized caves below, there is enough material for a 5 times greater population to be supported.
Let us now take a step back and recall the story of Zulqurnain in the Quran. He travels first to the "setting place of the sun" in a location of murky water and then, surprisingly, to the rising place of the sun where there are a people without shelter and then to a third place. It would be curious and strange if he first went to one extreme side, then to the other extreme side, and then came back to the middle.

Rather, if we were to take that he travelled to the Western United States (which has an abundance of murky "mud" springs") and then, through Alaska, went to the rising place of the Sun i.e. what is today Eastern Russia. Incidentally, a nomadic people who do not make permanent shelters still populates the lands of Eastern Russia. It would then be logical for him to travel to a third location, and particularly to a place and a people that are strange and unknown. Let us assume then that this place is near the Caucasus, around the area of Georgia. In this broad area you have a number of interesting geological features.

The first of these interesting features is that the European plate, West of the Urals, is pushing into the Asiatic side of Eurasia, creating the Urals and other mountainous features. We know that in plate tectronics theory, as a plate pushes into another, it can push the earth constantly below, at the point where the plates meet, in this case, the broader Ural region. This would mean that any people stuck below this region and trying to find the surface, would constantly have their work undone, as they are pushed further below, essentially, their efforts nullified by the plate tectronic movement.

Secondly, we have in this region, the greatest magnetic anomaly in the planet, the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (KMA). The KMA causes such havoc in the electro-magnetic field in the region that compasses do not work near it. This is because their is a gigantic amount of metal, smacked like a seal over the planet in this region. This metal has been mined by the Russians and others for hundreds upon hundreds of years with no sign of its demise. Who knows if it is the raw materials used by Zulqurnain to block the entrance of Gog & Magog?

This brings us to the final feature of this region. If we approach this region from Arabia, we are moving north, and as we move north, we see an imposing mountain chain, the Caucasus Mountains, with no possible major pass (more recently the Russians have tunneled a pass to Georgia). This is where Muslim armies had traditionally stopped. Coming towards these mountains, let us imagine a gigantic hole the face of this "wall of mountains", one from whose gates a powerful underground civilization assaults our own world. If we were to seal such a "gate", pouring tons upon tons of metal into this hole, we would be able to make a significant and lasting stop to any further inroads by these underground people.

In contrast, if this was a wall that was for a civilization above ground, it is not possible to believe that a people cannot get over a wall, no matter how high they are, for any extended period of time. One could claim that the wall was already open in the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him), but we must recall that this was a dream, and a dream is not interpreted the way reality is interpreted, as we know from the story of Hazrat Yusuf (Joseph) (peace be upon him). Rather, dream interpretation is a gift, and needs hikmah (wisdom), and is fundamentally interpretive rather than literal.

Otherwise, if someone dreams birds are eating off his head, I'd tell him to wear a metal cap. Or if someone sees himself pressing wine, I would tell them they will go into the wine business... So, in this case, one can perhaps interpret the dream such (and Allah knows best), that Gog and Magog were trying to get out, even at the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him), but because of the movement of the geological plates, no matter how much they would try to break through, their work would be undone. 

In summary, Gog and Magog may be underground, living in giant continent sized caves. They will be a force which is completely unstoppable, which does not fit the capabilities of the West, who have had varying rivalries with us and with changing fortunes. it would be like a national football team playing against the little leagues, not tough competitions and changing fortunes. They will also die of a disease that their immune system cannot deal with but ours can, again lending to the credence of a long seperation. Since there is no place on earth today where such a people reside in isolation, outnumbering the greater world,  the most logical explanation is that they are not with us today, but rather somewhere else, in our position we surmise, in giant continents underground.

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