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Letter to PTI Regarding Change Management

For the attention of                                                                                                    January 12, 2016
The Administrator,
PTI Chairman Secretariat
Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf
Banigala, Islamabad

®    Agenda of Change But No Change Management Unit in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP)
®    Agenda of Institutional Transformation But No Institutional Restructuring Specialist
      (An Example of Maladministration and Systemic Corruption in Government of KP)

Dear Administrator sb,

Being a British citizen and KP-born professional, I would like to share my recent harsh experience; and the example of maladministration and systemic corruption in Planning and Development (P&D) Department of KP, the key institution responsible for development in KP.  

It is obvious that likeminded people are serious to challenge the status-quo and ensure real change in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). For this purpose, PTI-led Government of KP had designed Strategic Development Partnership Framework (SDPF) and Integrated Development Strategy (2014-2018) with eight specific objectives to be achieved by the end of PTI Government. And Change Management Unit (CMU) was supposed to be established in P&D Department of KP so that institutions can be transformed and PTI agenda can be implemented in effective manner.

However, it is shocking to mention that P&D Department of KP has not yet established CMU and failed to fill the positions of 8 Sectors Specialists, including Institutional Restructuring Specialist and Education Specialist, despite PTI-led government has completed half of its tenure. This is a matter of great concern and needs drastic action to preserve P&D Department.    

It is worth to mention that ten months ago (In March 2015), P&D Department had advertised 8 Sectors Specialist positions, including Institutional Restructuring Specialist and Education Specialist, to implement ‘Change Agenda’ in the Province. At that time I was in Pakistan, so I applied for the post of ‘Institutional Restructuring Specialist’. In September 2015, I was advised to bring additional documents in my case so that the case can be finalized. So I visited P&D Department and handed over the desired documents to Mr. Asif Shahab (Chief Project Planning & Implementation Unit in P&D Department).

Thereafter, I contacted Secretary P&D (Mr. Zafar Ali Shah sb, who is managing P&D) repeatedly for the outcome of my application. However, I was kept waiting for nine months but to no avail.

Eventually, I came back to UK to join my family but the advertised Specialist positions are still vacant since PTI came in power.  Is this not a matter of deep concern for sensible people?  

Two weeks ago, I contacted Secretary P&D here from UK who replied that he intends to discuss the matter with Chief Minister sb. However, when I contacted him again, I was told that P&D will inform me at appropriate time. From the scenario, one can conclude that Secretary P&D is not willing to finalize the case. And if such delaying practices prevail any more, Change Management Unit (CMU) will never start its functions even expiry of PTI regime in KP. Is this not tantamount to maladministration and systemic corruption in P&D Department of KP?

And how can PTI bring change when 8 Sectors Specialist positions are vacant since inception and core unit (CMU) could not start its function despite its role was clearly defined.

Dear Administrator! You know that we enjoy the enabling environment of the UK but what about those who are on the mercy of primitive institutions in KP. It’s the time to transform our institutions.      

To help building strong and transparent institutions in KP, I met Dr. Abdul Basit sb (President, PTI North West: UK) and briefed him over my innovative solutions towards ‘Institutional Transformation’ in KP. I am professionally confident that Dr. Abdul Basit sb could translate my stance before PTI leadership. (For your kind perusal, a Slide Show is attached).        

Suggestions to Reduce Systemic Corruption & Achieve Objectives of IDS (2014-2018) of PTI:

Based on my 14 years of practical experience in public institutions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, I fully understand the performance gap over there. Therefore, I piloted extensive research on how to reduce systemic corruption and implement IDS (2014-18) of PTI, and suggest to:

1.      Replace the existing primitive diary/dispatch and correspondence system in institutions.
2.      Replace the existing confidential ‘Performance Evaluation Reporting-PER’ in institutions.
3.      Develop Core Competencies and Reshaping the Behavior of workforce in the KP.
4.      Independent Change Management Unit (CMU) needs to be established under the Chief Minister instead of P&D Department that CMU can work as ‘Transparency Watchdog’.
5.      I am ready to help replicating my innovative solutions in KP. I assure you it will help.      
Sincerely yours,

Nasir Ali
Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom  
Mobile: 07737722617 E-mail:   
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Letter from a Concerned Citizen to Pakistan Tehrike Insaf


Dear Sir,

I hope you are fine. I am one of the oldest voter of PTI and have been observing the struggle closely all along. 

You would appreciate the fact that other political parties are present since long and have become sort of mafia and therefore it would not be easy to get rid of them or win against them. So overpowering them is not as simple as just outvoting them but we would have to outwit them as well. Attack them instead of just defending and then complaining. Sincerity and hard work need to be supported through smart moves and aggressive strategies.  I hope you understand what I mean.  

I want to suggest something which I think would be key factors in the success of the party.

1-      The Team

Select a team not on reputation but on performance. Only hard working and sincere workers should be made members of core committee responsible for making strategies and selection of candidates for contesting elections. In this regards a close eye should be kept on these members to thwart sabotage efforts from opponents. If you don’t do it now, you will have to do it in future as your opponents are shrewd and corrupt, in all possible ways, to their bones.

2-      Intelligence Wing
PTI should establish an Intelligence Wing which works in a way that it outthinks the rivals. It would gather information about rivals about, like, what they are thinking and planning, ahead of execution of their plans. For this you have to plant your people in their ranks to preempt their moves. You should have inside information to plan ahead.
3-      Separate Strategies for Cities and Rural Areas
We should consider working on the lines of separate strategies for cities and rural areas as both have different dynamics. We should employ our tactics according to the situations instead of plainly getting in to the contests.
4-      Networking Among Those Who Matter

Politics is a game of timely maneuvers and counter maneuvers. You have to hit the base from where the opponents get their strength.  After an event all cries are of no use. What I suggest is that PTI should create good connections among Bureaucracy, Judiciary, Media, Law Enforcement Agencies and so on, as there are always likeminded people around. The skills, to organize them and bring them to a cohesive effort, should be put to use.
5-      Training of Workers Against Rigging

We should also conduct training sessions for the workers who take responsibilities of polling stations at the time of elections. I have felt that our workers lack skills to mobilize voters at the time of voting and it just does not help the cause. They are also not vigilant enough of the wrong doings of the opponents who are very experienced to take advantage of our lack of experience. A prime example is the fact that once PTI tightened their control on Men’s polling stations the opponents shifted their ill efforts to the women’s polling stations….. This however does not mean that PTI has all expertise to effectively oversee the men’s polling stations.
Thanks for your patience.
-Muzaffar Hussain 
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